Afraid of the Dentist? Learn How Sedation Dentistry Can Help!

Fear of the dentist is a condition that’s relatively common among people of all ages.  You definitely don’t have to be a child to feel fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.  In fact, when an adult is afraid of the dentist, the results may end up being worse because he or she can actually delay or avoid going if desired.  Kids may end up going kicking and screaming, but they will end up going.

It’s normal to try all sorts of different tricks to get the mind where it needs to be to sit in the chair.  One technique that many people turn to is called sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Generally speaking, sedation dentistry refers to normal dentistry with the inclusion of some form of sedation.  Sedation in dentistry isn’t exactly new, but most people don’t clue into the fact that they can take advantage of it if they have trouble going to the dentist.

Sedation dentistry works well for someone who is afraid to go to the dentist at all, but a dental phobia isn’t the only scenario where someone would benefit from being sedated.  Sedation dentistry can help if you’ve had a traumatic dental experience, if you have an issue with needles, if you have a strong gag reflex or if you require a long or invasive procedure.

Types of Sedation

In the majority of dental clinics, oral sedation or nitrous oxide are used to sedate patients while in the chair.  These two options will usually help nervous or anxious patients achieve some level or relaxation, but it doesn’t do a complete job.

For patients who typically feel high levels of stress while in the dentist’s chair, IV sedation is a better option.  With IV or intravenous sedation, dental patients get to the point where they aren’t aware of their immediate surroundings, which enable them to tolerate any form of treatment much easier.

Not all dentists offer IV sedation, because it requires rigorous training and testing to become certified.  The process of IV sedation in dentistry is closely regulated, so when you do find one that offers it, you can feel secure that it’s safe.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The primary benefits of sedation dentistry are that it enables people to receive dental care who wouldn’t normally be able to.  Whether you are just too anxious to sit in the chair, or have trouble becoming completely anaesthetized by traditional means, sedation dentistry can help.

Sedation dentistry enables the patient to take control of his or her dental care, so they don’t have to do without.  In many cases, sedation dentistry helps to completely turn a patient’s oral health around.

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