Addiction Treatment Centres – What To Look For

Whether you’re the addict or it’s a close friend or family member, it can be difficult to choose from the long list of existing addiction treatment centres. Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts is considerably expensive and you want to get the best out of the addiction treatment centre you choose to enroll in.

Different addiction treatment centres have different approaches to treatment and rehabilitation of their patients. While these may work well for some patients, they may not work at all for others. It is therefore important to consider several factors before choosing which addiction treatment centre is right for you.

Why are addiction treatment centres important?

If you’re a drug addict, then you probably know why it’s so hard to quit despite the strong will in your heart and mind. It’s hard not to crave for just one more bottle when even the smell of methylated spirit or alcohol based perfumes drives you nuts. It’s hard not to crave for one more puff when even the cigarette advert on your TV makes you reach for your lighter.

Enrolling in an addiction treatment centre helps a drug addict abstain from relying on drugs by detoxifying the addict’s body while giving them professional counselling and support to help them accept themselves and cope with the transition into a healthy life.

The addiction treatment centre helps the addict focus on themselves and what they really want by eliminating all the distracters in the outer world. The addict is provided with a safe environment which doesn’t include the alcohol smells and cigarette adverts. It also connects the addict with fellow addicts. This enables them to work together to encourage each other to fight a common enemy – addiction.

What should you look for?

Different addiction treatment centres have different procedure for treating and rehabilitating their patients. The following is a simple guide on the factors you should consider:

Size of the facility and level of individual attention

A typical addiction treatment centre can hold as few as fifteen patients to as many as several hundred patients. If a somewhat personalized treatment is what you’re looking for, then you may want to look for a smaller centre. Smaller treatment centres are, however, more expensive than larger facilities.

Mode of treatment

As aforementioned, different centres have different approaches to treatment. Some treat addiction in a specific way. They may have a natural based model or a strictly medical one; others use religious methods while most combine several models. Unless you’re absolutely sure which model you want, it’s better to look for a centre which uses several methods. Different people respond differently to various methods. You could end up wasting your time and money if you rely on only one option that doesn’t work for you.

Duration of treatment

Some addiction treatment centres are meant to help people with addictions only for a short time period while others have longer programs. Some allow patients to extend their stay at the facility especially if they feel like they’re not yet ready to face the world. Make sure the facility of your choice gives this option.


An addiction treatment and rehabilitation program is useless if the individual falls back into the abyss even after initial success of the program. A good addiction treatment centre is the one that offers aftercare as a part of the treatment and rehabilitation programme. Aftercare is useful in preventing relapse.

As you can see, it’s not just about finding an addiction treatment care centre but finding the right addiction treatment centre for you.

Wanisa Watcharaporn is a writer who specializes in writing about health and addictions.

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