Abdominal Migraine: Importance Of Right Diagnosis

Abdominal Migraine is a variant of migraine headaches with the only difference being the fact that the pain is experienced in the abdomen. While this condition is considered to be rare amongst grownups, 2-4% of children can be affected by it. And the problem with abdominal pain in children is that it often gets misdiagnosed or overlooked because children often experience it due to stomach bugs etc. But it’s important to remember that children that come from a family that has a history of migraines is more likely to be affected by the problem.

In fact the symptoms of this type of migraine seen in children evolve over time and it’s more than likely that it will develop into regular migraine headache as they grow up. Hence if your child has been experiencing pain in his or her abdomen region, particularly around the navel or midline then it just can’t be overlooked. It’s also important to remember that these pains are caused due to some kind of trigger or another. And you will often see symptoms like vomiting, cramping in the abdomen region, nausea that come along with.

To help your children through the condition, it’s vital that you know more about this type of migraine and what can be done about it.


Abdominal Migraine: The reasons behind it

It’s true that the exact cause of the problem has yet not been diagnosed but there are strong theories that believe it’s due to alterations in two chemicals; Serotonin and Histamin. These chemicals are naturally found in blood and when they go through some change, these migraines can happen. There’s also a belief that there can be fluctuations in these chemicals due to anxiety. That’s the reason there are many who support the theory that these migraines can have a psychological trigger.

Abdominal Migraine: Things that can be done

Sometimes these migraines can be also caused due to chocolate or certain other kind of foods. It’s important to pay attention to the symptoms of these migraines to diagnose them at the earliest. While there’s no specific treatment for this kind of migraine since not a lot is known about it, physicians can treat them to some effect. You can also help your children prevent these migraines by cutting out certain triggers like food items that might cause them. Anxiety management is another helpful strategy and keeping a diary of when the pains occur can help immensely.

Abdominal Migraine is not as uncommon as one might think and having more awareness about it is the first step in helping your kids cope with it.

Claudia Martinez is an accomplished and experienced medical  counsellor  and she has contributed to several health magazines and medical journals.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/3994458454/

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