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Water is an essential part of the human body, about 70 percent of our being is made of water and we need it for our survival and well being. As a major component of the human anatomy, most of the illnesses and diseases can be reduced to a great extent with the help of water, this knowledge has been with us for over 5000 years and ancient races have explored the healing touch of water. These therapeutic treatments that utilize water as their main healing agent are known as hydrotherapy treatments.


Hydrotherapy is one of the safest, oldest and best ways to treat our body in a holistic manner. Since the first hot springs were discovered by the ancient Greeks, this kind of therapy has been in practice, the mineral springs on the ancient Greek island were one of the places where hydrotherapy finds its roots. Following the Greeks were the Romans who conceived intelligent bathing systems to make people experience the advantage of hydrotherapy treatments. Not to be left behind, the Egyptians, native Indians and the Japanese also started practicing hydrotherapy. Most of the modern techniques have been derived from these ancient human races and the way they used water as a healing agent, it is clear that the healing properties of water have been known for ages now, however, never has it been more relevant to us than the present times.

hydrotherapy treatments

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Stress Relief

With the daily stress levels of a common man hitting an all time high, hydrotherapy treatments can work wonders to help anyone who is willing to try. Desk jobs coupled with almost no physical activity have given rise to a new generation that is in need of holistic healing. With the frequent exposure to harmful chemicals, gases, electromagnetic waves etc. we are in dire need to relax our bodies. Hydrotherapy works best to alleviate these situations. It is a way in which you can relax your body and mind and be one with your soul. Hydrotherapy relaxes your muscles and helps stimulate the nerves, a stimulated nervous system then helps in increasing blood circulation, which in turn makes you feel refreshed. When you are in a water bath, whether cold or hot, there is a very slight tingling sensation that is continuously helping your body in relaxing and strengthening the immune system. A water bath also helps in supporting the spine and making you feel a little lightweight, this directly affects the mind which starts shedding all the stress and tensions. A relaxed body helps to relax the mind immensely, in such a case it is almost a meditative state that you can reach and come out feeling completely new.

Hydrotherapy treatments now-a-days have evolved to a great extent where you can couple them with aromatherapy or chemotherapy to help with specific treatments. Many spas and retreats also offer great options in hydrotherapy treatments and can work well if you don’t mind spending a little. A hydrotherapy bath tub with massage fitments and facility for hot and cold water is also a great way to enjoy some relaxing time. So if you are in a doubt whether or not to start with hydrotherapy then don’t worry just get into it as there is nothing to lose just a whole lot of holistic health to gain.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from www.steamandshower.co.uk experts in steam showers and saunas and hydrotherapy treatments

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