7 Ways to Avoid Embarrassment From Bad Breath

Bad breath is known as Halitosis in medical terms.While bad breath is normal when you wake up, constant bad breath can be embrassing and strain our interpersonal relationships. If you are suffering from halitosis, you probably want to fix this as soon as possible.
The best approach to treat and prevent bad breath problems is to find the root cause. Bad breath is usually linked to poor mouth hygiene, but can also originate from the food you eat. For example everybody knows what eating raw garlic is likely to do to your breath.
As a way to prevent such disagreement, we would suggest a few tips:

Clean and Debris Free Teeth

Make it a habit to brush your mouth fifteen minutes after breakfast and before sleeping. While brushing, make sure you spend at least five minutes. Brush all sides thoroughly, with a light hand (You don’t want to damage your gums).

Use Mouthwash

Gargling with a mouthwash after every meal is a great idea for preventing bad breath. Mouthwash often contains alcohol, which serve as antiseptic agents against mouth bacteria.

Avoid Specific Food

In some cases, bacteria are not the cause of Halitosis. The food we eat can cause bad odor if it contains onions and garlic. Both ingredients are rich in oils, which are easily absorbed by your gums and therefore affect the smell coming out of your mouth. If you love garlic and onions, opt for cooked products as the smell tends to be not as strong.

Sip Water Regularly

Mouth Bacteria develop faster in a dry environment. That’s when they do their work well, and cause bad breath. Sip water at regular intervals after meals to prevent Halitosis. Drinking water will also help to get rid of small food particles and contribute to a better mouth hygiene.

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Chew Gum

Sugarless gum is a good way of preventing bad breath. They increase saliva production that acts against bacteria in the mouth. If you suffer from strong halitosis, try to go for stronger gums or losenges, which would be more effective.

Even if these products works well, it is advised to consume them with moderation as they may contain sugar or have side effects. Also remember, gums are only going to hide bad breath and will never replace a good mouth hygiene.

Eat Food Regularly

The common myth that not having food will prevent bad breath is actually wrong (unless you eat raw garlic of course. Eating helps tackle bacteria development. The saliva produced to break and digest food also acts on the bacteria and bad odor in the mouth.

Take More Vitamin C

Lack of vitamin C also causes gum problems like bleeding, which can cause bad breath. This problem is frequently seen in habitual smokers. Nicotine in cigarettes destroys vitamin C in the body. Therefore, taking Vitamin C supplements is a good way of preventing bad odor for smokers. (Though, preventing smoking is a better approach.)

If you have tried all these tricks to get rid of bad breath and it still does not work, do not be ashamed and visit your GP or dentist. They are used to this problem and should be able to help

Allan works in close contact to customers and cannot afford bad breath. After discussing the topic with his friends and a few hours researching the internet, he has gathered some useful tips that other could benefit from. Allan has also written several articles on fitness, health insurance and healthy eating


  1. Jobelle says:

    Hi! I am a dentist and your article is really nice and very informative. In some cases when halitosis cannot be prevented further with those remedies that you gave, the person may have gingivitis or periodontitis. One may simply know if they have gingivitis if their gums bleed while toothbrushing or simply by looking at the mirror and see that their gums are swelling. However, if the patient had no dental conditions that can cause halitosis, the patient must go see the doctor. I have read that certain conditions in the lungs can cause halitosis as well.

  2. Good day everyone! I have read about you blog and it’s super helpful in term of letting others know especially your friends and loved ones to know or about bad breath and how someone can fight or prevent it. It really helped my friend when i let her read about the blog and suddenly change her habits to ensure that it won’t happen to her again. Just keep up the good work and inspire a lot of people.

  3. Jezreelyn says:

    Have a nice day to everyone! This blogs is very helpful to all of us. Absolutely, no cost if you follow this advice. This is very important as a person and as we live in our day to day activity (proper mouth hygiene). Thank you for your bright ideas. Help a lot. Really nice.

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