6 Great Reasons to Exercise during Your Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are simply too exhausted to exercise. However, it is important to get that physical activity in because it will actually provide you with more energy as well as a host of other fantastic benefits. Regular exercise can keep you looking and feeling younger longer, can help ward off a host of diseases and other health issues, and can help prevent everyday aches and pains. Every time you exercise, you release endorphins into your blood, improve your circulation, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and keep your muscles toned. This will keep you from becoming exhausted so quickly.

As if that isn’t enough, check out these amazing benefits of exercise during pregnancy to get you motivated:

  • Relieve backaches – Pregnant women often suffer from chronic lower back pain. While you may feel that you hurt too bad to exercise, the opposite is actually true. Exercising regularly strengthens and tones the muscles, providing greater support and reducing back pain and other aches.
  • Reduce constipation – Constipation is another major complaint of many during pregnancy. It can make you feel miserable all over, can play havoc with your appetite and digestion, and can lead to hemorrhoids. Regular exercise stimulates bowel activity and decreases the instances of constipation.
  • Promote sleep – Exercise lets you work off any excess energy (yes, you have some), relieves stress and anxiety, and releases serotonin. This helps combat insomnia and lets you get a better night’s restful sleep.
  • Prevent varicose veins – Regular exercise promotes circulation and decreases the risks of developing varicose veins. For this purpose, walking is one of the best exercises you can do daily.
  • Maintain weight – When you exercise during your pregnancy, you will feel better about your changing body. You will also maintain healthy muscle tone and will find it easier to maintain a healthy rate of weight gain. In addition, women who participate in regular exercise during pregnancy find it much easier to regain their old shape after delivery.
  • Ease labor and delivery – Regular exercise throughout your pregnancy will increase your endurance and will help your body prepare for the work of labor and delivery. The stronger you keep yourself, the easier and shorter your childbirth will be.

It can sometimes feel like you have no energy to spare. By taking the time and effort to exercise regularly, however, you can enjoy many amazing benefits for both yourself and your baby.

About the Author: Donna Moody is one of the pregnancy advisers for LearningLives.org. She uses her experiences as a mother, teacher, and woman to help other people prepare for parenthood.

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