5 Things You Will Be Able To Do If You Quit Smoking Today

To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

The history of smoking can be traced back through thousands of years, although it is perhaps only in the last century when it began to reach the levels of popularity we see today. As smoking became more popular, the medical evidence that indicates that smoking kills also became stronger. Eventually, this led to the attitudes towards smoking that we see in the modern era, with smoking banned in public places in many jurisdictions, and strong restrictions on tobacco advertising also in place.

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We listed five things smokers would be able to do if they were to quit smoking today.

1. Walk briskly without losing breath

When you give up smoking your lungs immediately begin to repair themselves. You will begin to feel fitter and better within yourself within a two week period. Take advantage of this, and notice how a brisk walk or climbing the stairs of your home no longer leaves you feeling airy and short of breath.

2. Enjoy Your Food More

While all of the horror stories related to gaining weight and quitting smoking can put some people off, you should take the opportunity to enjoy your food more. Worry about the weight gain later, because not smoking will see your appetite increase as well as your taste buds recover some of their old vigour. Taste more and enjoy food that you always thought was boring and bland when you give up smoking!

3. Live for Longer

A bit of an obvious one, this, but no article related to quitting smoking is relevant unless you talk about the long-term health and wellbeing benefits. Whatever your age, quitting smoking will make you healthier, and the earlier in life you quit, the more dramatic and impressive the health improvements you experience will be.

4. Hit the Gym

The Olympics are about to hit our screens in the next few days, so what better time to pack up smoking for good and turn yourself into a fitness fanatic. You do not have to push yourself too hard, even a light cycle twice a week will have a massive impact. If you are self-conscious about the gym, why not buy yourself some home gym equipment?

5. Make Yourself More Attractive

Smoking makes you ugly, fact. Your skin looks dreary, and the smell lingers to your clothes, hair and skin. If you are single and a smoker, quitting could well be the key and inspiration to you finding the person of your dreams.

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