5 Healing Tips On How To Treat Chest Infections

If you are suffering from chest infections, then you have come across the right article. Chest infections can sometimes be very dangerous. Chest infections can cause pain in your chest. Some patients have complained that they had pain in their shoulder due to chest infections. If this is your case, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. He will prescribe you the right medicines to treat the infections. In this article, we have spelled out 5 healing tips in order to treat this condition.

Home Remedies

First of all, you can try out a couple of home remedies in order to check on the condition. According to doctors, chest infections are linked to dehydration and fever. So, it is important for you to have much as water as possible. This means you should have water before taking your meal. It is not recommended to have water after you have taken your meal. Stop smoking if are a heavy smoker. Smoking can aggravate the condition. Moreover, smoking can cause mouth and lung cancer. You may find it difficult to breathe due to chest infections. Aside from these, you will feel weak and tired all the time. The airways will be clogged by mucus and you will cough frequently in order to dispel it. The bad thing is that a viral infection infects the mucus with bacteria.

Healing Herbs

In such a situation, you can use anti-microbial herbs, such as coltsfoot, hyssop or thyme, which also acts as decongestants, helping you to treat cough. Moreover, these herbs are also helpful when it comes to preventing infections and reducing symptoms. The herbs can also boost recovery. If your lungs’ mucus membranes are inflamed, then you can use mullein. This is a anti-inflammatory herb, helping you to dissipate inflammation in the bronchial tract and mucus membranes.

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Sleep Regularly

Sleep is important in order to boost your body’s immunity to fight infections, and herbs, such as chamomile and cowslip can help you have sound sleep at night. You can also consume cowslip with honey in order to clean mucus from your lungs. Another anti-inflammatory herb is known as licorice, which helps you deal with chest infections. An infusion of elecampane root is used in order to prepare a syrup. This syrup gives warmth to your chest, cleanses the bronchial tubes and reduces the infection.

Use Mustard Seeds

You can also prepare a poultice out of mustard seeds. This is easy. All you have to do is to mix 100 seeds (ground) with some lukewarm water. This will make a thick paste. Now, get two muslin sheets and apply the paste amidst them. Now, place the sheets on your chest and do not remove them until the paste cools down. While the sheets are on your chest, you should take deep breaths.

Find An Osteopath

Another tip is to get in touch with an osteopath in order to get suggestions about which osteopathic treatments can help you deal with chest infections better. Osteopathic treatments are natural so you need not worry about its side effects.

This is a guest post written by Chris Fetto. Chris blogs about osteopathy and the benefits of osteopathic treatment over multiple conditions. Chris works in Auckland at Osteoworks where he diagnose and treats chest infections and other recurrent conditions.

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