4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Water Treatment Systems

Whether you’re moving or have been in the same home for years, chances are that you’ve given some thought to the state of your water. Some homes have wells, while others make use of municipal supplies. Either way, many of us would like to treat our H2O for one reason or another. Before selecting a method of doing this, you should ask yourself these four important questions.

1. How much money do I want to spend per year on my system?

This question may be important to some, but less so to others. Either way, it’s smart to think about how much your system is going to cost you each year. Some are far more expensive than others.

For instance, many methods require constant filter changes, solution refills and other maintenance. Even if you do these tasks yourself, the parts and supplies can be costly. If someone else does them, you are paying for their time and the supplies. Water softeners, as an example, can cost over $600 per year to maintain. Certain whole house filtration systems can cost more like $200, on the other hand, so it’s important to consider your budget before making a selection.


2. Does environmental impact matter to me?

This is a very important thing to ask yourself. Some people do not care about whether or not their water filtration system negatively affects the earth, but many of us do. So, it’s important to choose a system that uses natural means, like granulated coconut shells, to filter your H2O. This doesn’t have any sort of negative effect on the planet, because coconut shells are organic matter.

Softeners, on the other hand, can have horrible environmental impacts. They add salt to the water, which eventually goes down the drain and makes its way into our waterways and soil. This can kill a lot of life, both flora and fauna, as well as make our soil less fertile. Some communities have even gone as far as to ban these types of treatments.

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3. Do I need H2O for all purposes or just a few?


Whole house filtration takes care of all your liquid needs, from drinking and bathing to washing. However, if you already have a cooler that you drink from, perhaps you only need a treatment that tackles your shower, laundry and kitchen needs.


4. What do I want/not want in my drink?


Especially when it comes to drinking, ingredients are serious business. Softeners don’t remove dirt or chlorine, which you don’t want in your family’s drinking supply (or your pets’ for that matter). Whole house filtration removes these things but maintains the healthy minerals you want like magnesium and calcium.

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