10 Weight Loss Tips For Moms

With welcoming a new living being in your life, as a mother, you have to make quite a few changes. Things are no more the same after a baby comes into your life. Needless to say, one has to wake up nights and strain through the day; after all, your young little baby needs all your attention! But in the process, mothers often seem to be left with no time to look after their own health. So, workouts are totally out of question and weight gain is something that just tags along! It is hence not surprising that many Moms are unable to lose the weight they gained after their delivery and many women end up living with high amount of lipid, fat and calories simply because of their “new” routines.

However, you must note that your health and fitness also affects your child. At least the first three months, you have to take good care of yourself so that your child doesn’t suffer while you breast feed. Also, changing your diet drastically may not be good for your child as the taste of the milk might change in comparison to amniotic fluids. Keeping all these points in mind, as a mother, you should take simple and small steps to maintain your body, your fitness and health. Here are some awesome tips for mothers to lose weight – The best weight loss tips for Moms.

1. Do Short Workouts throughout The Day

As a new mom you might not have enough time for a one hour aerobic session! That is understandable. However, what you could do is, take some time out for short workouts. For instance you can always do some stretching and sit-ups. This takes barely a few minutes in the day. Spread throughout the day, in 3 or 4 parts, you’ll be done with a good amount of exercising without even realizing it!

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On the other hand, climbing stairs or going for a short walk, carrying your baby on the back can actually prove to be a great workout. One word of caution here is that you mustn’t exhaust yourself and you MUST take special care while the baby is with you. Besides that, if your baby is keeping you active, it’s a good sign! Because that means a part of your workout is already getting done.

2. Dance And Play

If you are still finding it difficult to take out a few minutes or want to increase the effectiveness of your workout, then the next tips can come quite handy. The best way to work out and still have fun is to take your baby along. Put on a great song track and start dancing to it with your child.

Dancing is a good calorie burner and can help you reduce weight. Also this will be a great fun and learning experience for both – mother and child.
Music and dance are also good to motivate you. It is a great encouragement and motivation to get those extra pounds out of your system. The key is to “enjoy” what you are doing!

3. Eat Only Healthy Food

It is not advised to go for strict diets at this point as your body needs essential nutrients especially just after having the baby. Instead go for healthy food options which are high in nutrition and steer clear from food stuffs which are too high in calorie; the difference being that a certain amount of calorific value is need for your metabolism. Try to avoid excess of anything edible. Consume lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits.
Inculcating habits like eating five small courses of meal a day can do a great deal in helping in weight loss.

4. Drink Water

Water will always be essential when it comes to being and staying fit. It assists weight loss by removing toxins which and keep your skin fresh. Besides that, it keeps you full and avoids you from craving for snacks and hence helps in reducing weight.

Make sure that you drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day as it is medically proven to be beneficially.

5. Take Enough Rest

Your body needs rest, especially right after delivery. Your body has under gone a lot of changes in the past months and hence, it needs just about as much attention as your new born.

Therefore, rest is a must. Take proper and sound sleep. Make sure that you sleep and wake up at proper times and do not stress too much. Avoid rigorous exercises or any fad diets right away (or even later for that matter!). Taking proper rest is essential for body parts to function properly and for efficient burning of fats.

Although there are many fitness plans out there which claim to get you back to your pre-baby body, it gets quite difficult to find out which of them is right and which isn’t. While, taking out time is a totally differ ordeal along with taking care of your child! Thus the need of the hour is a little bit of wisdom coupled with simple fitness tips and practices; these are bound to help you lose weight and stay fit! All the best!

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