Top 5 Signs That Winter Is Here

A Winter’s Tale

Some people love it, while others hate it and even have to go to the doctor to be treated for seasonal affective disorder. Whatever your feelings around winter, there are a number of things we can expect the colder season to bring.

We checked out the five sure signs that winter is on its way, and what, if anything, you can do to deal with it.

Darker Evenings

With the day getting shorter many people find themselves in a situation where they face months of seeing little, if any, daylight while they are at work. People with the winter blues find themselves flocking to the DIY store to buy the latest technological light bulb that emits “the closest artificial duplicate” to a natural light source.

Even young children find their exposure to daylight curtailed significantly, as the sun is barely risen when they go to school and is starting to set when they leave.

Dropping Temperatures

It is one of the big quirks of winter that we barely notice the cold, at least we don’t until we get into the car, switch on the ignition, and see the temperature on the dashboard reading a barely believable negative number.

All of a sudden, we are chilled through to our very core and want to do nothing except get home and settle in front of a roaring fire. This often creeps up on us if we are working late, or doing shopping at a time when we would usually be at home, and realise just how far the temperature can drop during the night-time hours.

Firework Displays

During the winter, most of us will hear fireworks before we ever see them. We’ll just be sitting at home one evening and hear the bang of a rocket, or notice that the dog is looking a little more agitated than usual.

As the darker evenings close in and we turn back the clocks, people immediately stock up on their fireworks for the festive season ahead.


Christmas Music

Familiarity may breed contempt, but how Christmas music manages it despite only being played for two months of the year is a truly amazing feat. Some stores and offices adopt Christmas themes and play music from September onwards, while others just go all out from November onwards, once Hallowe’en is done and dusted.

Love it or hate it, you know its winter when you hear those familiar songs.

General Chaos

Depending on where you live in the world, winter may well be characterised by the breaking down of some services as if it is the end of civilisation. Just a small layer of snow in the UK, France, and other central European countries is enough to bring the country to a standstill. No wonder the economy is a wreck!

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