Tips for Home Water Conservation

Water really is a precious resource and conserving it is both environmentally important and save personally saves you money.
There are many things you can do to help reduce the amount of water you consume; some of them you will probably think are not that important, but you will be amazed at how important they all are.
If you have a lawn and you have a sprinkling system then the chances are you are using far or water than you need to; and your lawn won’t suffer. Firstly, make certain you have a timing system set. Leaving the sprinkler system turned on for hours just wastes water as it ends up going down the drains; there is only so much water a lawn can absorb at any one time. Secondly, ensure that the sprinkling system doesn’t turn on until late evening. This means that the ground has cooled down and the sun has set, so the water ends up in the right place, rather than simply evaporating, as much of it does if you water during the day.
While everyone likes reasonable water pressure, too much pressure is not only dangerous because leaks can easily occur, but you will be using considerably more water in your home than is necessary. The highest pressure you need is 60lbs; in fact less than this is desirable. Get a plumber to check the water pressure entering your home. It it’s near or above 60lbs, consider getting a water pressure reducing valve; it will pay for itself over time.
Choose a time when no water is being used in your home. Then take the water meter reading and wait for a few hours if possible and read it again. If the meter reading has changed then you have a water leak somewhere in your home which you need to get checked out.
The first thing you can easily do is make certain none of the faucets are leaking; a tap that drips about once a second is likely to use up to 8 gallons of water in one day. Surprising isn’t it? Check the toilet tanks to make sure the valves turn off completely; it another area where many gallons of water are wasted, often without anyone knowing. Just think, a couple of dripping faucets and a toilet tank that doesn’t shut off properly could mean about 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year.
Did you know that the toilets in your home are responsible for using about 40 per cent of the total water consumption. No one is suggesting that you don’t flush your toilet, but there are many new devices that ensure that the amount of water used each time is considerably less.
Turning down the temperature setting of your hot water heater is another method which saves you money. It probably doesn’t reduce the amount of water used, but it does mean you don’t need to use so much cold water to cool down your overheated hot water. Using a lot of cold water means that the water heating is using more energy than is necessary.  Just a few simple tips and you could save a considerable amount of water and money.

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