The Green Endeavour of Romiley Board Mill

For a business with its roots in mirky industrial history, Romiley Board Mill is surprisingly green in its outlook.

Stockport is an area where the industrial revolution first gathered steam 200 years ago so you would expect there to be a few local companies that are long in the tooth. One such is Romiley Board Mill which has been making packaging supplies for over a hundred years. Of course, the age of dark satanic mills was some time ago and we must all embrace modernity – nowadays the ethos behind the business here is forged by ecological thinking and the emphasis is on repurposing – recycling paper and cardboard to make cardboard packaging products, or specialist wares such as cardboard cores for carpet rolls.

For many companies this might seem not much more advanced than lip service but the Mill’s owners, Preston Board and Packaging, are certainly committed to recycling to the extent that they were recently awarded a Forest Stewardship Council certification. Their active involvement in sustainable use of trees using managed, replenishable forest land also saw the same award being handed to Romiley Board Mill (Romiley was bought by Preston because they were the main supplier of Preston’s unlined chipboard products).

Romiley Board Mill makes over 40,000 tons of paper, cardboard and chipboard products per year. All the cardboard they produce is 100% recycled, and largely sourced in the local area. Everything they produce is recyclable and biodegradable, and they have several policies in place for the reduction of waste materials in the manufacturing process.

Naturally their commitment to moving with the times doesn’t just extend to knowing which way the eco-wind is blowing, they are also constantly modernising their equipment and upgrading their machinery with major overhauls to their line and drying facilities in recent years. Three new line drives procured in 2009 have enabled them to boost their operating capacity by 10% and production is maintained 24 hours per day ensuring the recycling never stops.

If you are interested in recycled cardboard and packaging supplies from an ecological UK leader in ethically sustainable sourcing, you need to talk to Romiley Board Mill. Romiley Board Mill export their products across Europe, notably to Eire, France and the Benelux nations, and also supply to the Middle East. With a product range taking in a diverse medley of paper, cardboard layer pads, cardboard sheets, corner and edge guarding, unlined chipboard, sheeted board and angle board, cardboard edge protection and more, Romiley Board Mill should be at the forefront of your thoughts when it comes to packaging supplies.

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Alfred Malcolm is a Manchester historian who supports his hobbies by writing occasional local interest pieces. He was asked to write this article for Romiley Board Mill, a Stockport manufacturer of packaging supplies.

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