The Benefits to the Environment of Hiring a Skip

It is no secret that our planet’s finite resources are running out. We are slowly draining every available reserve of fossil fuels, and our forestry management attempts are shamefully unsustainable. There are still though, thankfully, small ways in which we can all contribute. There are many ways that are well known but a lesser known one comes into play when renovating a home or moving house. By hiring a skip to dispose of your waste, as long as this is hired from a reputable company, you will be ensuring that the contents are recycled after removal. We are all in this together and so recycling needs to be made more of a priority starting with people like us. Currently, citizens of the UK recycle around 17% of our household waste. This may seem like a commendable figure, but it pales in comparison to the whopping 50% household waste recycling achieved by most other European countries. We are lagging a long way behind, but being smart about what you put in your skip can help to make a difference.

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If you are getting rid of a large quantity of wooden furniture, plastic, glass, or even old bricks and rubble why not consider hiring a skip for recycling. Not only will you have an opportunity to get rid of your old rubbish and clutter, you will be doing the environment a good turn and giving your waste a second life.

By recycling old wooden furniture we are ensuring that fewer trees have to be felled in our precious forests around the world. Deforestation causes myriad problems including increase risk of mud slides and erosion of the soil, not to mention the serious reduction in carbon dioxide absorption. Trees are nature’s air filters and so let’s look after them; hire a skip to recycle your old wooden furniture.

And what about your plastics? Plastics are made from oil. By recycling plastics you are not only helping to conserve our fast abating fossil fuel reserves, but you are also reducing the amount of energy used in the production of such materials. A similar story is true for glass recycling.

When recycling by using a skip you are also doing your part to keep the landscape unspoiled. Waste is often simply tipped into landfill without any care for the beautiful landscape that this practice destroys. Each time you recycle is one more skip full of rubbish kept out of the landfill sites. In addition to this, avoiding sending items to landfill also results in a significant reduction in the release of greenhouse gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide.

So remember to help keep your environment healthy and recycle your skips!

Darren Oaks has researched the impact on the environment from excess landfill ‘dumping’ and encourages others in his area to hire a skip from a Nottingham skip hire company.

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