Improve Your Environmental Agenda At Home

The environment is on most people’s agenda these days and it’s important that it remains there. Environmental concerns affect everyone and the good work that people do on an individual basis actually goes some way to improving the situation on a global scale.

It may seem ideological to suggest that people can make a huge difference on a small level but the idea of marginal gains certainly applies when talking about genuine worldwide issues. So how can people actually make a difference when it comes to the environment?

There are lots of ways to make a start but cutting your carbon footprint is the most obvious and effective. When you try hard to reduce the amount that you travel in your car or go on short haul flights, you do cut down the amount of carbon emissions that you are personally responsible for.

The same goes for when you make home improvements that make your home less wasteful in terms of energy. There’s no excuse for a lax attitude in this area because cutting down on energy waste, water waste and so on actually saves you a great deal of money. Why wouldn’t you get involved?

It’s good to recycle as much as possible because this also helps to reduce waste. Far too many households fail to make use of the measures put in place by councils when it comes to recycling and this is a real shame – a genuine missed opportunity.


There’s certainly an argument for cutting down your intake of meat for environmental reasons. A huge amount of the food grown around the world is grown specifically to feed animals that are reared for slaughter. This food would arguably go further than all the meat yielded by the slaughter of those animals in terms of feeding hungry human beings. Meat production also accounts for a great deal of industrial activity.

It’s also possible to devote some of your time to the environment. If you are proactive in lobbying on behalf of the environment or volunteering for ecological causes then you are likely to be making a real difference.

Some people choose to actually change their careers so that they are doing something a little more rewarding with their lives, seeking out and applying for jobs in the environmental sector where they can actually spend their professional lives making a difference.

It all comes down to how savvy you are about the true nature of the problems faced by the environment and the ways they impact the human race.

Sean Holloway, has been a recruiter for along time and finds that using the internet to find renewable energy jobs and environmental campaigners can be a simple task to do.

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