How to Save Energy when Using Home Appliances

Conserving energy is necessary. Doing this will have a better effect on the environment as well as on your monthly bills. Read on to know the steps on saving energy at home.

Steps on saving energy at home

Step #1: Choose energy-saving appliances

When you shop for appliances, you should opt for energy-saving ones. Using energy-efficient appliances can help you save a great deal of energy.

Step #2: Turn off the appliances you’re not using

Turning off the appliances when not in use is a no-brainer. However, it is still worthy to mention given how many people forget to turn off their appliances such as light fixtures and television sets when they leave the room.

Step #3: Be wise in using the washer

You should use the washing machine when you have a full load. However, if you really want to wash your clothes right now, you just have to make sure that you use the economy or half-load settings.

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Step #4: Insulate your roof

According to experts, up to one third of the heat in your room escapes through the roof. To prevent the heat from escaping, you should insulate your attic.

Step #5: Know the cost-effective alternative in using home equipment

You have to know the cost-effective alternative in using appliances and home equipment. If you are going to take a bath, for instance, you should use the shower instead of the the bath tub.

Tips and reminders

If you’re leaving the house for a vacation, you should make sure that the appliances are turned off. You should not also forget to turn off the aircon or the thermostat when you’re not using it.

Conservation of energy has a fruitful impact on your monthly bills and on your environment. There are many other ways to save energy. The steps above are just few of them.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    I also live in the Philippines and our country relies primarily on water energy from several dams to supply power. At present we are experiencing the el nino phenomenon and rain is scarce thus the water at the dams are slowly drying up. Due to this, power supply is not enough to supply the whole country and rotating brownouts are implemented. It is therefore very important to conserve energy. We save energy at home not only by turning off appliances but taking out their plugs. As much as possible we also use natural lights by opening the windows instead of turning on lights. We also time the airconditioning system so that it will turn off by itself.

  2. Remember to unplug any wires from the sockets and outlets, not only does this help save energy, it also saves your household from any potential fires. Also be wise in buying appliances, make sure that you really need it and that it provides help to your family rather than give you more financial problems. Discipline is also a key role player when saving energy, teach yourself and other household members some tips on how to save energy and practice them everyday. Computers and Television sets should be turned off and unplugged, remember that there is a huge difference between standby mode and turning the TV off. Try it and see the difference.

  3. jimple27 says:

    My girlfriend is really interested in conserving energy. We are both Engineers. We do really study about how can we make appliances that are really sufficient in conserving energy. But we found out that in every usage of appliances, there is no doubt that we could not really escape the loosing or wasting of energy. So what we do is to think about an alternative way of getting more source of energy. This is by implementing the usage of SOLAR power cells. SOLAR power cells creates energy depending on the heat it absorbs from the sun. We found out that in every in every 8 cells, it can produce more than 12V of electricity enough to power up digital appliances like laptops, LCD monitors and to “charge” more rechargeable 12V batteries. It is really applicable in most tropical and hot seasoned area. It is really good to get more source of energy as well as it surely conserves energy.

  4. yvonne t. says:

    Just like th blog said. Turn off appliances that are not in use, but this simple task is often neglected. You should always have the habit of closing unnecessary appliances. It would also help big time when you use less energy consuming light bulbs. I strongly agree on jimple’s comment. I believe it’s a good idea to use mother nature’s energy source so to save more. I believe solar energy is already available but i think it costs a lot but if you come to think of it there are so much benefits that you can earn having a solar energy sources. One is that you’ll save a lot! Second You have an emergency source in case electric power is not available, and last but not the least, you’ll be saving mother earth since you’re using natural source of energy. You contributed on the welfare of mother earth.

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