How to Reduce Waste at Home and Recycle

A decade or more from today, there’s a big chance that the earth would become a Wasteland. If people wouldn’t learn how to recycle and reuse waste materials, the earth would be filled with waste. It is time that you take a step on reducing the wastes that people produce. Reusing and recycling things is a great way to make a contribution. Read on to know the steps to recycle at home.

Steps on how to recycle at home

Step #1: Segregate the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable waste

You have to separate the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable materials. The biodegradable ones can be made into fertilizers for your garden. The non-biodegradable ones can be reused.

Step #2: Cut old clothings and create rags

If you have lots of old clothings, do not throw them away. You can actually cut these clothes into pieces and put them together to make colorful dust clothes and rags.

Step #3: Reuse shopping bags

You also need to reuse shopping bags. Instead of throwing the plastic bags into the trash can, it is best that you keep them to be used later.


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Step #4: Make paper mache out of old newspapers

You don’t have to throw those old newspapers away. Use your creativity and make paper mache and origami arts for home decors.

Step #5: Make vases out of soda bottles

If you are fond of soda, there’s a way not to cram your garbage basket with soda bottles. You can actually use the soda bottles as vases. Just give a touch of creativity on the bottles and voila! You can have beautiful vases.

Tips and reminders

You should learn about your community’s waste management program in order to get more ideas on how to manage your wastes.

Recycling waste materials is a great way to be environmentally friendly. You can also save on money if you just know how to reuse and recycle things. Aside from these, if you have a creative touch, you can surely earn extra income by recycling and selling recycled materials.

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  1. Non-Biodegradable Materials such as plastic, glass and other stuff can always be recycled and put into good use. All it needs is a creative mind and decorative stuff, and you can make something out of these “waste” products. Although recycling plastic bottles are not advisable, you can still use them in many ways, such as filling them up with water or sand and using them as a substitute for weights, not only have you helped save mother earth a century of trying to “digest” something that it cannot, you now also have something that you can use for exercising. There are many ways to recycle and as I’ve said, all it needs is some creative thinking and a positive outlook.

  2. Waste disposal is a major concern and issue for all of us.Use of bio-degradable materials is a must if you want to conserve and lessen the waste in your home.Instead of plastic bags for groceries,just use paper bags instead.It can be recycled back at home or at a sanitation factory to be re-used again.Segregation of waste materials also helps a lot in waste disposal.Bio-degradable materials can be used or sold as fertilizers for plants while non-bio ones go to junk shops or factories to be recycled again into materials that will be used again.We must also have a concern and discipline in ourselves as well as the environment to have a clean and healthy living at home or outside.

  3. potrish78 says:

    I heard about the freecycle group from a friend who’s living at Decatur, Illinois. It is a place wherein you are asked to post items that you no longer have a use of to be used and recycled by another user. In this way, reusable items are kept out of landfills. You can actually freecycle everything. From old mugs or figurines to CRT monitor or laptops, just about everything you may not have a use of that other people may. The great thing about this group is that they are giving away stuff for free. You can be a giver or a receiver. It doesn’t matter, as long as everyone is freecycling and keeping the environment safe and clean. I’m sure you can find a freecycle group near you.

  4. How to reduce waste at home and recycle? Take advantage of the internet.

    There are a number of “arts and crafts” recycling projects available on the internet that you can do at home. You can create a lot of papier mache craft projects from old newspapers, aside from figurines and sculptures, you can make piñatas, face masks, baskets, pen holders, and other house decors. Shoe boxes can also be reused as storage boxes just cover it up with pretty gift wrappers. These storage boxes can help keep your house organize and free of clutter.

    I’ve also heard that old newspapers are now being used in making compost. In gardening, a compost is something you add to make a soil more fertile. A compost needs carbon rich materials which is present in newspapers.

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