How to Kick the Bad Habit of Smoking

Smoking is one of the bad habits you need to put an end to. Like any other habit, smoking is not very easy to end. Read for more tips on how to quit smoking successfully.

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Steps on limiting the bad habit of smoking

Step #1: Reduce smoking gradually

If you have been smoking half of your life, quitting smoking in a jiffy is not possible. You have to quit smoking gradually. To do this, you should increase the time between cigarettes and just limit your smoking to specific places. Another thing you have to do is to reward yourself if you think you are succeeding in minimizing smoking.

Step #2: Get a strong support network of friends and family

According to studies, smokers have better chances of quitting smoking if they’re supported by peers and family. Smokers will have an easier time to cope with the changes if they are helped by their loved ones.

Step #3: Consult with your doctor

You also have to consult your doctor and ask for a cessation program. The program will help you start quitting smoking.

Step #4: Find medications

The FDA recommends some medications that could help people quit smoking. These include Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Bupropion SR, and Varenicline.

Step #5: Engage in physical activities

One of the important things that you can do is to engage in sports and other activities that would divert your attention from depression and tension that could trigger smoking habits.

Tips and reminders

Quitting smoking requires a strong resolve and discipline. You really have to be willing to change your unhealthy habit. Smoking is very bad for your health. Lung cancer and liver diseases are just some of the effects of smoking. Aside from this, if you smoke you are also harming the people around you. You have to quit smoking as early as possible, before it gets too late.

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  1. Is there any other ways to quit smoking? If you are smoking for years you can try using gums, pills or e-cigarettes. What are e-cigarettes? E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes is a slim battery powered device which is shaped like a real cigarette which is used as an alternative to real smokes. Instead of smokes, it gives out vapor. It may come with different flavors.

    Is electronic cigarette better than real cigarettes? Yes. It is better for the health. E-cigarettes allows you to choose the level of nicotine you will intake and you can enjoy various flavors along with it. So this means you can lessen your nicotine intake and proceed to quitting the bad habit of smoking.

  2. cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive habit in a person. millions of people around the world are smokers but only a few has the courage to quit it. honestly, quitting this habit is the most hardest part in the process. i can give you a few tips on how to quit smoking and how to help yourself prevent the urge to smoke again.

    try to lessen your cigarette usage little by little, because disadvantage of quitting it abruptly can end up in a worst scenario which is withdrawal, wherein you will feel nauseous at times and even vomitting. lessen it by 1 pack a day, then after a few weeks make it half pack a day and so on and so fort until you ended up not smoking at all.

    when you have the urge to smoke again, try to divert it to other things like eating a candy or a lollipop. make yourself busy, go to the gym or even play sports as a part of your daily life.

    these are some tips that i can give you based on my own experience. i’m already quit this bad habit almost a year now. hope this helps.

  3. Smoking is really one of the worst habits to kick. Even under the barrage of health awareness programs,people still get easily swayed back into the habit of smoking. If the person can’t quit smoking,there is an alternative and modern way of smoking without harming your health or the people that surrounds you. There is now an electronic device that simulates smoking and is readily available in the market. That device helps alleviate the problems that are associated with smoking. The device doesn’t give out tar and smoke and combustion yet still gives the smoker the satisfaction and feeling of smoking a real cigarette. Nicotine without the hassle. Too bad nicotine is still a carcinogen. Simulated smoking is the first step. The final step is complete withdrawal.

  4. showerlist says:

    I used to smoke and really the ONLY way to do it is through ironclad will. There is no other way around it. You can try nicotine patches and sticks and the e cigarette but if your mind is not really in it to quit, you’re just going to keep going back to it. The way i got through it is by having a mantra. Mine was: YOU ARE STRONG. YOU CAN DO THIS. Just say this to yourself every time you feel the temptation to smoke again and eventually, you won’t even get the urges anymore. Quitting is one of the best things i’ve done with my life.

  5. tyleracesall says:

    Smoking is like having a boyfriend or a girlfriend that’s a drug addict. You know they’re not good for you and that a life with them is nothing but dysfunctional, and yet you have got no strength to expel them from your life because of that “high” or satisfaction only they can give you, and at the same time you know that you have to stop getting involve otherwise you’re life will totally go haywire. I believe it’s the same thing when you want to quit the ugly habit of smoking.
    If you want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by being a non-smoker, sit down and have a serious talk with yourself and finally make that decision. A decision to be healthy and to be free from a self-destructive habit like smoking. Having a conscious decision will help the process of quitting easier. Set your eyes on the prize and commit yourself to reaching that better version of yourself.

  6. yvonne t. says:

    I’m not a smoker, but my friends are and I would hope that in time they will stop smoking. I think that a very supportive family and friends can actually help a lot in the process. Like in the blog post you can never stop immediately, but you should have be disciplined enough to stop and you should have the urge to stop. Engage to more activities, go and spend time with your family so you can actually get your mind off with smoking. It also help if you actually set goals to achieve and also having your own “prize” if you achieve these goals will help you to be motivated. Consider this process as your help to your own health and wellness.

  7. @tuesday_rn says:

    I was a smoker for 14 years. I started smoking at age 14 and stopped smoking at 28 years old. Step no 2 is the greatest tip I can recommend to quit smoking. It is a struggle for smokers to quit the old habit. It has been their life and their outlet to vent out their feelings and tensions. Not to mention the withdrawal effects that a smoke would experience after quitting, he surely needs some support. I personally believe that if you have support systems, they will help you to quit the habit by inspiring you. It is through their motivation that will help a smoker realize that life is too short to waste with just a cigarette. No medication or disciplinary training can stop a smoker from smoking unless there is a motivation to stop and a purpose to stop it all the away.

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