How to Ensure Safe Disposal of Electronics

The right disposal of electronic waste is very important. Many electronics have radioactive materials that are dangerous if they contaminate people’s food and drinking water. This is why one needs to know the correct way to dispose electronic waste. Read on to know the steps for the safety disposal of electronic waste.

Steps for ensuring the safe disposal of electronics

Step #1: Determine the waste from electronic or electric equipment

The electronic products usually contain cable and battery. These include toasters, computers, radios, microwaves, cellular phones, and phone batteries.

Step #2: Segregate the electronic waste from other wastes

You need to seperate the garbage bag for other wastes and electronic waste. This step is very important because electronic waste has to be disposed in a different way.

Step #3: Know where to dispose electronic waste

Electronic waste should not be disposed just anywhere. There are actually special areas where you can dispose your electronic waste. You should know the electronic waste management programs in your community to know where to go for electronic waste disposal.

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Step #4: Consider selling the electronic waste

There are companies that buy electronic waste such as old television sets and phones. So instead of putting the electronic waste in the garbage, why not find stores for electronic wastes?

Step #5: Try to contact the manufacturer for the disposal of electronic waste

Some electronic manufacturers like Panasonic take responsibility in disposing their products. You have to research in the Internet the drop off locations of the electronic products manufactured by certain companies.

Tips and reminders:

Electronic wastes are harmful to the people and the environment. This is why you should take precaution when disposing them.

Before you consider an electronic equipment a waste, why not check if it can still be repaired? In this way, you can save from buying another equipment to replace the old one.

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  1. Proper disposal should be practice at all times. And to start with this is to do proper segregation. Their should be a trash can for biodegradable, non biodegradable and for electronic waste. This is to ensure the safety of everyone around the house or in any organization. For electronic waste, before you throw them always check for the labels because their are companies who still want to buy them for a certain purpose. And if it cannot be sold already make sure wrap them properly before disposing. Inform also the garbage collectors if the electronic waste are too harmful so that they will also know on how they are going to handle and dispose properly to avoid any harmful accident.

  2. Electronic devices and parts just like any other equipments and materials need to be disposed of after they are already broken or out of use. Since electronic parts and devices have components like silicon and plastic that are harmful to the environment,we should maintain a good and sanitary way of disposing them. Nowadays there are landfills and sites which collect and contain disposed of electronic materials.Segregation of materials should be done at home when disposing of electronic materials so as to avoid mixing and sending them to sanitary landfills not meant for them to be contained.Responsibility comes here so that in our own way we can help out and contribute to cleaning up our planet to have a better,clean and healthy life.

  3. Always remember that Electronic Products should not be synonymous to Waste Products because even when broken or damaged beyond repair they can still be of use. For example, a part that still functions well can be taken out and put into other devices that are in need of them. Spare parts. Non-functional Cellphones should not be thrown away either as Cellphone Companies have taken a step forward in clean living and offer rewards and huge discounts whenever you surrender Broken or Damage Cellphones. Remember that when not properly disposed of, the toxic chemicals that are found in Electronic Waste are poisonous and will greatly affect the environment.

  4. whiteglider says:

    from where i live, there is no such proper disposal system…all combined in 1 trash…So I just do my own thing…segregate and put in tight container whatever electronic or hazardous material i am about to trash….even if it goes to the same sack, it is at least in a sealed container…

  5. thinkneon says:

    I think that these kinds of materials which informs the citizens the harms if we won’t dispose our electronic garbage properly should be disseminated. Ultimately, the problrm in status quo isn’t the knowledge in impementing reforms but it is more of how will we be able to actualize such reforms. I think that we have a common stake in protecting our environment,it’s a majority interest where we need to hold obligation with.Therefore, disposal is a common obligation. It’s just that the state should facilitate more so that these kinds of awareness will reach the people.

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