Exploring Your Way Through a New City

With all the shows about urban life, you would think somebody would remember to mention that living in a city isn’t just exciting – it can be scary, rigorous and tiring. Sometimes it gets tough living in a city where alarms and sirens wail at strange hours of the night and strangers shout out offensive (or bizarre) comments as you’re walking down the street. While some parts of city life are just unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of tearing your hair out after a few months in New York, Tokyo or Sydney.

Explore and save money

Explore the city – find your favourite cafe, bar or restaurant; visit different parks, shop at different markets or stores, and see some tourist attractions. Search the different outlets and see where you can get the best deals. Learn the times for happy hour and the days when entry to certain venues is cheaper. Unlike Mckeachie’s Run or other country towns, city life is expensive, and you’ll need all the savings you can get. This doesn’t mean becoming incredibly tight with your money; just be smart and save where you can, so you can splurge where it counts.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Use public transport

When you’re out exploring, make the most of public transport. Parking in the city is not only a nightmare to find, but it can be horrendously expensive and often has a time limit. Public transport will allow you to commute to and from destinations and explore the city cheaply, without being pressured by time limits or having to worry that your car will still be where you left it. Most cities have efficient transportation that will get you anywhere in reasonable time.

Get to know your neighbours

Living in the city doesn’t automatically make everyone an insensitive and unfriendly character. Getting to know your neighbours can have plenty of benefits. They can keep an eye on your place while you’re away, lend you things that you don’t have or that are too expensive to buy. Plus, they can become genuinely good friends.

Leave the city once in a while

If you find yourself getting irritated by the city and long for the days in your quiet old neighbourhood, don’t despair. Before you consider giving up and start looking to buy house and land packages in Aberglasslyn, consider a vacation to somewhere quieter – perhaps the beach, the mountains or the country. If you have family living outside the big city, visit them often. Take day trips to a creek or national park.

The city lifestyle is not for everyone and sometimes we’re forced to live there for reasons beyond our control. Try to make the most of it and if you find yourself not enjoying yourself, find other outlets outside the city.

Adrian Rodriguez is a university student and freelance writer who has just moved to Sydney from McKeachie’s Run. He likes the city, but sometimes daydreams about moving back home and searching for house and land packages in Aberglasslyn.

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