Benetton Cleans Up Act With Greenpeace Detox Campaign

The Benetton Group is the latest high street fashion brand to clean up its act by joining the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, solidifying its commitment to chemical free fashion. The Benetton Group, who owns Sisley, Playlife and most famously the United Colors of Benetton, is a much celebrated and well respected fashion brand, providing much publicity and muscle to the campaign. With their involvement in the Detox Campaign, it is hoped that competitors will step up to the plate and reassess their use of chemicals in clothing production. We take a closer look at the Detox Campaign and how the Benetton Group plans to contribute to both fashion and a cleaner world.

The Detox Campaign

The Benetton Group plans to completely eliminate the release of hazardous chemicals throughout its entire production process across the globe by 2020. Their announcement has not been solitary, and similar commitments have been made by fashion groups Zara, Mango, Esprit and Levi’s. The move towards chemical free fashion was in response to pressure by both environmental activists and consumers. If one takes a step back, it may seem like fashion brands not heeding to the call, such as GAP, Calvin Klein and G-Star Raw are lagging behind in terms of what consumers want from a leading fashion brand. With these big names on board, it is obvious that the Detox Campaign is not just a fleeting fad that we see so often in the fashion world, but a growing and positive trend.

greenpeace detox campaign

The Importance of Chemical Free Fashion

Chemical free fashion has been high on the Greenpeace agenda since 2011, when reports revealed that Chinese textile factories were persistently discharging hazardous chemicals that contained properties that disrupted the natural behaviour of hormones. In response, stringent goals were laid out which aim to be implemented by 2020. This will be achieved through collective action within the textile and fashion industry, including material suppliers and the broader chemical industry, as well as commitment by regulators.

The Detox Campaign and Benetton

Benetton plans to eliminate the release of hazardous chemicals across their entire production line; a restricted chemical list will be released this April. Benetton is also showing a commitment to transparency, and will publish an extensive report that discloses discharges of hazardous chemicals across all thirty of its supply chains. The Detox Campaign is surely one of the most fabulous trends this season and you can be part of it. Share the Detox Fashion video to not only spread the word, but to also put pressure on your favourite brands. We encourage you to wear fashion beautifully and responsibly.

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