Top Ways To Save Money And Energy

Looking to keep your energy bills down?  Well, look no further than here as I will be putting a few ideas down which will help you save money on your monthly bills, which let’s be honest is no bad thing, both for your pocket and the environment.

Since getting my place with a friend I have been ever so keen to cut down on the energy usage and also educate him to be more like me (lucky him, huh?) where energy usage was concerned.  So here are some of things I do in order to save money:


Take a Shower Instead

This may not affect as many men as women (I don’t know, possibly)but switching from a bath to a shower could save around 40 litres of water a year.  A lot, right?  Also when using a power shower be sure that the pressure is turned down as in some cases these can use more water than a bath!

Turn the heat down

Turning your thermostat down by even one degree can save as much as £40 per year.  My Dad always used to get on at me and tell me to put a jumper or another layer on, these words resonate with me now!  Also by turning the thermostat down on your boiler will help save you an additional £10 a year.


We all know that heat travels upwards so if your loft isn’t properly insulated then the amount of energy (and money) being wasted is truly staggering.  Check out government schemes and see if you are eligible for free cavity wall and loft insulation, they could save you a packet!

Don’t doddle around the fridge

If you are like me then you will head to your fridge several times hoping that something will magically appear for you to eat, of course this never happen but before opening your fridge remember that each time you have it open for a minute, it takes three to cool down.

Compare energy prices/suppliers

Compare energy tariffs from different suppliers to figure who you can get the best deal and from.  There are loads of sites that offer comparison services too so make use of them.

Unplug Items

When there appliance not being used switch it off.  According to the website Friends of the Earth, 85 per cent of an appliances power comes from when it is on standby.  Anything that draws electricity will cost you money and items such as phone and toothbrush holders are a potential fire risk as well!

Michael Wood is a keen energy blogger and has several years experince working with energy companies including Southern Electric.  Michaels work can also be seen on sites such as The Green Blog and also Green Energy Vide.

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