Keeping Energy Bills Down In The Cold Weather

Winter can be a particularly testing time for homeowners as the temperature will drop and the heating bill will likely rise. It makes sense to keep as warm as possible during the bitter cold months but it can eat away at the budget and energy bills are going up enough as it is. For those who are keen to seek out money saving techniques and tips, consider some of these ways in order to combat the cold:

Monitor Use
This can also be constituted as a sort of pay-as-you-go method where the user is able to keep an eye on how much they’re spending, using special cards and devices. These can be installed by companies and give control back to the homeowner.

These short-term falls may really open your eyes as well, letting you know how much energy you’re using, encouraging you to actively seek ways in which to put an efficient stop to this. Other examples of this could include specific thermostats which you’re able to programme accordingly.

Loft Energy SavingAttic Insulation
Adding a little extra warmth upstairs may cost a lot at first, but it will pay for itself over years to come, keeping out the harsh winter conditions, ensuring the house stays at an optimal temperature.

Your options include spray-foam and batt insulation and it is important to aim for areas where air may be leaking through unseen holes. Additional insulation may also be required for walls and crawl-spaces and can be done via various methods by professionals; it’s important to know when and where this needs to be done.

Turn Appliances Off
This one is incredibly simple and merely asks for members of the home to look after themselves by saving on electricity, hot water and other forms of energy. Standby on a TV doesn’t mean off; it needs to be turned off at the mains. Lights are another regular culprit and can be a major difference in that energy bill.

The heating can be turned down. Whilst it won’t make a major difference, turning the heating down by a couple of degrees more could actually cut at least 10% from the overall energy bill.

Wear Smart Winter Clothes
Again, this is another simple method which everyone within a household can adhere to. It isn’t ideal but wearing extra layers will protect individuals from the cold and won’t require an over-reliance on the heating.

This can be anything from wearing an extra jumper to another pair of socks. You shouldn’t be able to walk around in shorts during these months and if you can, it’s a good bet you’re wasting money on your energy bill.

Solar Panels
Finally, harnessing the power of the sun is a bright and clean way of using renewable energy; it’s also free. Though it may cost a pretty penny to set up, solar panels are incredible pieces of technology that store the sun’s power effectively, helping to turn it into useful and efficient energy that heats the house during the cold months.

It’s cost effective all around the world and the cost of building the device will not matter in the long-run. Certain tax rebates and bonus schemes are available for those who seek to hook their houses up to this source of renewable energy.

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