USB On-The-Go Technology And What It Can Do For Your Smartphone

The mobile communications industry is currently one of the largest sectors of global economy. In the United States, the sector is shared by several nationwide carriers with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile being the unquestionable market leaders, with their combined coverage encompassing over 95% of all contract-based non-commercial subscribers in the United States. Unfortunately, the selection of phones made available by mobile carriers for purchase will not be the same. In many instances, this can have an unwanted side-effect of forcing a customer to pick a model of a smartphone without certain desired features, such as an SD card slot. However, there are also ways to circumvent this particular problem, and today we shall take a look at one of them, namely the Micro USB On-The-Go technology.

• Basic Specifications

The idea behind Micro USB OTG technology is brilliantly simple, allowing you to connect external devices to your cell phone using the USB port featured in the vast majority of smartphones, as well as even older basic phones. All you need to do is connect the OTG cable to your phone, and plug the external device into the other end of the cable equipped with your standard USB-A plug. Once the connection is made, your phone will act as the host and the power supplier, and the attached device will be considered a USB peripheral. This can mean being able to download and view photos from a digital camera on your phone without the need for a PC acting as the intermediary, or even connecting your phone directly to a printer to print them. Currently, this technology is considered so important for portable devices that it is now used and enabled in all peripherals using modern USB connectors. However, connecting the host with the peripheral using an USB OTG cable represents only a part of the process. The device acting as the host must enable support for USB OTG Host Mode, or download the necessary drivers if they are missing. Once the device is configured to act as an OTG Host, the possibilities are practically endless and anything from data storage devices to mice and keyboards can be connected to your phone.

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