Top 7 Reasons To Choose VOIP Over PSTN Phone Lines

With the growing and ever-changing communication requirements of businesses, it makes much more sense to choose VOIP over PSTN. Below are some of the best reasons that make it a smarter and more prudent decision to choose VOIP.

Cost Efficiency

VOIP is absolutely a much more affordable alternative as compared to landline. It provides accessibility to the best features and still proves to be the best value for money. For instance, the typical call cost for PSTN is at around 17 cents as compared to VOIP which is only at about 14 cents for a certain destination. When it comes to mobile call cost, PSTN would cost you 35 cents per minute plus the flag fall. With VOIP, there is no flag fall and it will only cost you 32 cents per minute. Moreover, the business line rental for PSTN is $40 on average, but VOIP can go up to 70% low.

Centralized and Streamlined Communication

With VOIP, all communication is centralized and streamlined. You do not have to be in your office in order to access your voice mails, faxes and emails. With a dedicated mail box, you can access it from anywhere you are. This means that there is a tighter integration as far as communication is concerned.

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