Why Shouldn’t I Switch To PAYG With My IPhone?

More and more people nowadays are switching to PAYG plans. Avoiding hefty monthly mobile service provider bills and fees is one way that you can save a few pounds. And in general, if you can afford to buy your phone out right, then PAYG plans do work out far cheaper than contract plans. However, they’re not for everyone. An iPhone PAYG plan can be a great investment, but only if you’re a certain kind of customer. But if you meet the criteria below, you might want to stick with your traditional monthly plan..

If You Use Your Phone a Lot…

If you’re the kind of person who constantly has their phone glued to their ear, then PAYG might not be for you. As great, and as cheap, as a lot of these plans can be, one area where they really fall down is in calling minutes. PAYG plans tend to offer less free minutes than contract plans, and the cost per minute of calling tends to be much higher than with a contract plan. If you phone a lot (and by phone we mean make calls, not send messages or surf the net) then PAYG might not be an economical idea for you.

If You Don’t Use Your Phone a Lot…

On the other hand, if you rarely use your phone, then a PAYG plan might not be a good idea either. One of the caveats to getting an iPhone PAYG plan is that you have to top up your credit on a regular basis in order to qualify for unlimited data. Nearly all mobile providers offer unlimited data to those who top up a certain amount per month. An iPhone without unlimited data is fairly useless. So if you don’t use your phone that often, or are liable to forget to top up your credit, then going PAYG might not be the right solution for you.


If You Don’t Have Cash…

One of the biggest reasons that people sign mobile phone contracts is that contracts tend to let them off paying big upfront costs. Yes, your iPhone may cost you a lot more over time, but you don’t have to put the cash up immediately, and you still get your new phone immediately. If you don’t have the cash to buy your hand set right now, then PAYG isn’t going to be an option for you. One of the reasons we pay so much money on our mobile phone contracts is for having the convenience of not having to make a huge initial investment.

Having a PAYG plan for your iPhone can mean making hefty savings. It’s indisputable that for the average user a PAYG plan works out cheaper over time than a contract. But, that isn’t true for everyone. There are still case where having a contract is just a better idea. By all means go PAYG, but make sure that it is a money saving option for you first.

Phil Turner has looked into buying an iPhone PAYG phone for himself, along with a SIM-only contract. He has not made up his mind yet, though.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbuser/2675780623/

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