Two Top of the Line Phones – The HTC Desire X vs. The HTC One SV

When you’re choosing a mobile phone one of the easiest things that you can do is find a line of phones that you like, and then take the newest model. However, that might not always be a good decision. Knowing how different ranges of phones compare, even when those ranges are made by the same manufacturer is important too. Especially with a big company, like HTC, that make many competing lines of phones, knowing which range is best, not just which model is a key part of the decision making process. To prove this point, we took two HTC phones and put them to the test. The first is the HTC One SV, the newest in the One line, and the second is the HTC Desire X, the newest in the Desire line. Both these ranges of phones are well regarded, and price points are similar, with the Desire coming in a little cheaper than the One SV. They also both run Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Read on to see exactly how they compare, and which one is a better buy for you.

Why the HTC One SV is Pretty Awesome…

The One SV is a stunning phone, and despite being more expensive than the Desire, still won’t break the bank. It’s faster than the Desire, running a 1200 MHz processor, rather than the Desire’s 1000 MHz one, making it more powerful and snappier. It also has around thirty per cent more RAM, making it more responsive and better at multi-tasking or running more than one process at a time. Plus, you get faster maximum data speeds, meaning quicker downloading and faster opening of web pages. The screen on the One SV is slightly larger, measuring in at four and a half inches as opposed to the Desire’s four inches. But it’s also better quality, since it has forty per cent higher resolution and slightly more PPI (pixels per inch). These two things combined make for a display that’s noticeably brighter, more vivid and crisper than that of the Desire. You get much more internal storage on the One SV, which comes with 8 GB of internal memory, as compared to just 4 GB on the Desire X. For you, that means you can store double the amount of music, photos, data and games on your device. And finally, the One SV comes with an integrated compass. This is what map and navigation apps use to know exactly where you are, and lets you utilise maps on your phone more accurately and efficiently.

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What the Desire X Has to Offer…

Not really a lot. It is around twenty per cent smaller than the One SV, but then again, it also has a smaller screen, so that’s not really surprising. But really that’s its only advantage…

The Extra Money is Worth it…

Even though these phones are both the newest models in their line, it doesn’t mean that they’re comparable. The HTC One SV is obviously far superior to the Desire X, even if it is a little more expensive. We by far recommend that you buy the One SV over the Desire X.

Phil Turner likes Android phones because there are so many of them to choose from.

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