Two Less Common But Excellent Value Phones – Acer Liquid Glow Vs Alcatel One Touch 916

If you are looking for good quality handsets at a reasonable price and do not care that it is one of the hottest brands around, then perhaps the Acer Liquid Glow or the Alcatel One touch 916 are worth considering. Alcatel is a brand that is becoming more popular in the mobile phone market due to its great value and Acer, who is perhaps better known for making computers and laptops are also beginning to make a name for themselves in other markets. We compare both of the handsets here to help you make a more informed decision.

Acer Liquid Glow

The Acer Liquid Glow looks fabulous. Its design is very similar to many other smartphone products and at first glance could actually be mistaken for one of the Sony Xperia range. It works on the Android Operating System so you can be assured of good quality connection to the internet, easy to navigate menus and good customisation options. The battery is great however as with all phones of this type, the longer you spend using apps or playing games the more you will end up having to charge it.

The camera is worth a mention too. There is a front facing camera which makes video calling such as Skype very easy to do. The resolution is a very reasonable 5MP, and there is an internal memory of 500MB. This will not last long if you want to store images or video, but there is a slot for inserting a memory card in order to expand h memory if required. The camera flash is very helpful in lower light conditions which mean your images can be great quality, not matter what time of day or night.

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Although the phone is 3G therefore perhaps not as fast as the 4G versions, connection to the internet via Wi-Fi is speedy enough to not be frustrating. There is Bluetooth for hands free use and transferring of files and it weighs just 125g which makes it sturdy enough to hold without being too bulky to carry in a pocket. Overall this phone is great for the price you pay.

Alcatel One touch 916

Looking very similar in design to the blackberry with the QWERTY keyboard keypad, the Alcatel One Touch 916 is a great handset for anyone who prefers the push of a button rather than a swipe of a touchscreen. Working on the Android Operating System it is a solidly designed handset although it may be a little too bulky for some. The handset weighs 126g so carrying it around in a pocket might be difficult, but there is less risk of it falling unnoticed.

The camera has 5MP resolution so it is possible to take great quality snaps. There is a flash so it is ideal for using in lower light conditions, the downside is that there is no front facing camera so video calling is not possible. Thanks to the memory slot it is possible to expand the internal memory in order to store photo and videos. The Alcatel One touch 916 also works on the quad band frequencies so it can be used is almost every country in the world. Overall it is a great handset with a few good features, but for the price you pay you may get a slightly better model elsewhere.

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