Two Evenly Matched Mini Smartphones – Sony Xperia Mini V HTC HD Mini

There are a number of good handsets around now that feature the word ‘mini’ in the title. This just tells is that it is a smaller version of a similar handset. How do the ‘mini’ phones compare with each other? The Sony Xperia Mini and HTC HD Mini are both popular models and both have great qualities which make them worth considering when it is time to upgrade your mobile phone. When it comes to size and weight, the Sony handset is lighter than the HTC HD Mini by more than 15 g.

Operating System

The Sony Xperia Mini has been given an Android operating system which is definitely a bonus as this is a popular choice. There are plenty of apps that can be added from the Android store and it is also easy to use, making it a good choice for those who have not had a smartphone before. The HTC HD Mini has been equipped with a Windows system, which is also fairly easy to use but not as popular as the Android system. However, when it comes to actual usage there is nothing wrong with it and it will meet the needs of most users just fine.

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The battery life on the Sony Xperia Mini gives 340 hours of standby time and more than 4 hours of talk time. For a heavy user this may not be enough and this is where the HTC HD Mini has the edge. The battery will give a similar amount of standby time as the Sony Xperia Mini, but more than 7 hours of talk time, which is a big difference.


Internal memory on the Sony handset is 320 MB but it does benefit from a microSD slot. HTC have also done slightly better on internal memory at 512 MB but as this handset also has a microSD slot the difference is negligible.


The camera on the Sony phone has 5 megapixels and it has been equipped with essentials such as an in-built flash and the ability to record video footage. The camera on the Sony Xperia handset also has 5 megapixels which is perfectly fine, but the downside to this handset is that there is no flash on the camera. This will limit the user to taking photos in good light and those who are in the market for a new handset will find this to be something of a let-down.

Internet Use

The user of the Sony Xperia Mini will find plenty of connectivity options including 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is matched by the HTC handset so users will be able to connect more or less anywhere and getting onto the web is easy.

As these two handsets are evenly matched it will depend upon what you want the phone for. If it is for a camera then Sony has the edge thanks to the in-built flash, but if battery life is an important factor then the HTC handset should be the one to opt for. However, there is very little to choose between these handsets in terms of performance.

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