Two Budget Smartphones Compared – Samsung Galaxy Mini V HTC Salsa

Samsung and HTC are two of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and both have a good share of the market place thanks to the success of handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Mini and the HTC Salsa but how do they measure up against each other.

Operating System

The Samsung handset has been given an Android operating system which is a good start but so has the HTC handset. User are able to customise the home pages, add apps as they need to and the whole thing is very easy to navigate, making both ideal for those who have never had a smartphone before.


Battery life is a major factor for those who want to use their phones regularly. There is nothing worse than using a phone for a few hours only to find that it needs recharging. The Samsung Galaxy Mini has been given a battery with a stand by time of up to 570 hours and a talk time of 9 hours and 30 minutes. This is good as most heavy users will be able to get at least a day from the phone. Standby on the HTC Salsa is around 445 hours with up to 9 hours of talk time, so these are fairly similar in actual usage and most users will be happy with this.

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Internal memory is just 160 MB on the Samsung handset but this can be added to with the microSD slot. The HTC Salsa has been given 512 MB and a slot for a microSD card which will help a great deal. On both handsets this could take memory up to 32GB, making both phones ideal for storing photos and music.


The camera on the Samsung phone has just 3 megapixels, which is not very good when compared with some other mobile phones. There is no flash either, but the phone will record video footage. The camera on the HTC Salsa is a lot better as there are 5 megapixels and an in-built flash so that photos can be taken in poor light. Those who are looking for a professional-style camera will be disappointed though, so as long as you only want the phone to take the occasional snap then either of these should be fine.

Internet Use

Connectivity options on the Samsung include 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which is a good selection for those who need to connect to online services. The same connectivity options exist for the HTC Salsa so users will be happy with this. Music and apps can be easily downloaded to both handsets. Using the internet is also easy as the screens on both handsets are a good size and show clear and bright images. Keeping up to date with social networking sites could not be easier.

Decision Time

Apart from the cameras, these two handsets are fairly evenly matched and either will be fine for a user. Both of these are aimed at budget users who want a handset with smartphone features and there is very little to disappoint here.

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