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Anyone who wants to stay loyal to their Orange mobile phone network or indeed anyone looking to make a change to their service provider cannot go too far wrong by taking a look at these two handsets. Orange handsets are very popular with those currently on the network as they are cost effective versions of really great Smartphones. The San Diego and the San Francisco are two really good devices packed with great features, so how would you choose between them? Rad on as we offer up a few pros and cons to each model in the hope of helping you make an informed decision.

Orange San Diego

The San Diego phone by Orange is pretty great. It operates on the Android software and is lightweight enough to be carried around in a pocket. One of the great features about this particular model is the battery life. From a full charge you can get up to 8 hours of continuous talk time, and if left on standby over 330 hours. This of course varies depending upon its usage, and those downloading apps may find that the battery needs charging a little more often than usual. There is no slot for a memory card but the handset does have 16GB of internal memory so that should be enough storage for the average mobile phone user.

The camera is perhaps one of the best features of this handset. There is both a front and rear facing camera, which mean you can video call with ease and take standard photographs too. The front facing camera has a resolution of 1.3MP and the standard camera has 8Mp resolution. There is also the ability take video images too so you can capture that spur of the moment activity with ease. The in-built flash means that photos shot even in low light conditions remain good quality. If that wasn’t enough then the San Diego is also a quad band phone, so you can use it in the UK and any other country that has a GSM network. Even in San Diego if you wish.


Orange San Francisco II

Another handset that runs on the Android operating system, the San Francisco is a great phone to have in many aspects but it is also lacking in several others. One of the downsides to this phone when compared to the San Diego is its battery life. From a full charge the San Francisco only offers around 4 and half hours of talk time, with only 240 hours of standby time before it needs another charge. It is also a little heavier, which some people prefer as it feels more substantial, however, those who carry the phone around it their pocket may find 120g a little too heavy for comfort.

The internal memory is barely worth mentioning at 512MB; however there is a memory card slot so it is possible to increase the storage capacity as you need to. There is a front facing camera for video calls and a rear camera of 5MP resolution. The camera also has the geo-tagging feature, an inbuilt flash and autofocus for better images. The quad band coverage makes it the ideal phone for taking on holiday too as it can access almost every network there is worldwide.

Conclusion: of the two handsets the San Diego stands out for having better features and fewer negative points, but overall both handsets would be a really great buy.

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