Not Much Between Them – The Samsung Galaxy S III vs. The HTC One X+

There are a lot of smart phones on the market nowadays, and most people own one. Making a decision about which one to buy can be tough, they all seem relatively similar. Particularly when it comes to phones in the same kind of price range, it often just comes down to which one looks nicer. The Samsung Galaxy S III is perhaps considered the best smart phone currently on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any competition. HTC’s new One X+ is worthy competition for the Galaxy, and there really is little to choose between them. Unless some of the below reasons really resonate with you, you might have to choose between these two on looks alone…

What the Galaxy S III Can Do For You…

Okay, there are only two things that the Galaxy S III does better than the HTC. The first is that you get much faster maximum data speeds with the Galaxy. Around twelve times faster, in fact. This means that you get quicker downloading, and that web pages open faster in your browser. However, most people have their data speeds capped by their mobile phone service providers, so you might not necessarily be able to take advantage of these faster speeds, depending on your provider and your phone plan, so be careful.

The second thing is that the Galaxy has a built in FM radio, whilst the HTC doesn’t. With so many radio apps on the market, this might not really make a difference. But if you love listening to the radio, and don’t want to mess around trying to figure out which is the best radio app for what you want to listen to, this might be a deciding factor for you.

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What the HTC One X+ Can Do For You…

Again, there are two things that the HTC does better than the Galaxy. The first is internal storage. The HTC comes with 64 GB of internal storage, versus the Galaxy’s 32 GB. In essence, this means you can store double the amount of photos, music and videos on your device. However, 32 GB is already a lot of storage. Unless you really want your entire music collection on your phone, you’ll probably find it difficult to fill up even the Samsung’s 32 GB.

The second thing is that the HTC runs a faster processor than the Samsung. It runs a 1700 MHz processor versus the Samsung’s 1400 MHz one. This makes the phone about twenty per cent more powerful, and more responsive. Given that both phones are already pretty fast, this isn’t a big difference. Although it is slightly noticeable, particularly when you’re running multiple applications at the same time the HTC’s faster processor handles it slightly better.

Which One to Go For?

There really isn’t much to choose between them. If storage is your thing, then go for the HTC, as indeed you should if you’re the kind of user that often runs multiple processes at the same time. If you’re dying for a radio, go for the Samsung. But really, it’s hard to declare a winner here, because they are so similar. If we have to have a winner, we’ll go for the Samsung, because we think it looks prettier…

Phil Turner is often asked, “What is an android phone?” It is difficult to explain that Android is just the operating system and that there are hundreds of variations on the theme.

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