Nokia Or Apple? The Nokia Lumia 800 Vs. The IPhone 4S

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, you certainly have a lot of choice. With so many great devices on the market nowadays, the decision can be a little overwhelming. And with mobile service providers giving great deals, even financial concerns aren’t so much of a concern as an after-thought. Of course, you want to get the right device for you. Something that looks great and that functions well too. So we’re here to help. Today we’re looking at two great mobile phones. The first is the Nokia Lumia 800, which if pink mobile phones are your thing is definitely the way to go. It’s sleek, cool looking and snazzy too. The second is the iPhone 4S, a classic hand set that one of the best-selling cell phones of all time. But we want to know how exactly they compare and what their differences are. So if you think you might want one of these models, then keep reading to find out how they match up, and which one gets our seal of recommendation…

What the iPhone 4S Can Do for You…

The biggest bonus of the iPhone is its potential storage space. Depending on which model you go for, the iPhone can have up to 64 GB of internal memory, the Lumia comes with only 16 GB. That could mean a big difference in the amount of music, games, videos and photos that can be stored on your device. The iPhone also has much better Bluetooth support, being equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 rather than the much older 2.1 version on the Nokia. If you frequently connect to Bluetooth devices such as hands free then the newer version means that you get faster data transfer and that your phone uses less battery power when connecting. The camera on the iPhone is the same resolution as that on the Lumia, but it also shoots video in full HD, which the Lumia’s doesn’t. Plus, the iPhone has better battery life. It averages around fifty per cent more talk time per battery charge cycle than the Lumia does (fourteen hours versus nine and a half hours), meaning that you’ll spend less time charging your phone. Also the iPhone is around thirty per cent smaller than the Lumia, and twenty per cent thinner too, making it just that little bit more portable.

What the Nokia Lumia 800 Has Going for It…

The Lumia is the faster phone. It runs a 1400 MHz processor, rather than the slower 800 MHz processor on the iPhone, which makes it more powerful, snappier and more responsive. It also has a better display. The screen on the Lumia is an AMOLED screen, rather than the older LCD technology on the iPhone, which means that it’s brighter, more vivid and has better colour reproduction.

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Which One Should I Get?

Tough choice. They are both great phones, and each is good in a different way. The screen and extra power of the Lumia are tempting. However, in the end our recommendation goes to the iPhone. You just get more features for your money with the iPhone 4S.

Phil Turner was talking to his daughter recently about a new phone. Apparently all her friends have pink mobile phones so hers has to be pink as well.

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