How Writers and Other Creatives Can Use Their Mobile Phones to Improve Their Work and Their Productivity

Are you a writer or a creative type itching to produce masterpieces? Your mobile phone can be a huge distraction, letting you play Words with Friends when you should be working on the Great American Novel or the next design project for a client. But it can also be a powerful tool for harnessing your muse or even fitting in some extra creative work during the day. Here’s how savvy writers and artists make smart use of their mobile phones:

1) Voice memos. Got a great idea? Use voice memos to yourself to capture it. You can even call yourself and leave a message. You can also use the Dragon Dictation app to transcribe what you say into text so that you don’t have to type your words. The idea is to capture the inspiration before it drifts away, because you won’t remember it by the time you get home.

2) The camera. See a great image, an inspiring headline, or something that stirs the muse? Take a snapshot with your phone. Some writers and artists also find that heading out each day with the intention to take a photo of something interesting or inspiring is a good way to get creative juices flowing, because it forces them to take a fresh look at the world rather than merely going through a day on auto-pilot.


3) Apps. There are tons of apps out there that can help you create art or write on the fly. My Writing Spot is a minimalist writing space that includes a dictionary, so that you can write no matter where you are. Mindjet is an app that lets you create mind maps on your device – ideal for brainstorming. Apps such as Scribble, Finger Paint, and Color Tilt let you create art works on your device.

4) The Internet. Yes, the Internet can be a giant time-waster for all creative types, but being able to look up a fact or idea or being able to browse for sites for inspiration can also genuinely help with creating a new work. Stuck in a waiting room? You can use your mobile phone to contact a client, look for a new market for your story, or find out which galleries might be interested in your art. A few minutes of this type of work a day can really open up new horizons.

If you are a writer on an artist, your mobile phone can be like your canvas or your notebook – only more portable and more flexible. It allows you to capture ideas for your next big project, find new inspiration, and even find new markets for your work.

Sam Jones, the author, is a fulltime writer and thinks that mobile phones are fantastic for creative output.

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