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There has already been a great deal of information made available on the Nokia Lumia 620 and now the handset is finally available to consumers.  As a smartphone it has almost everything that the user could want, from the latest version of Windows Phone to a price tag that is more in keeping with today’s economic climate.  The idea of the phone has been to offer top of the range smartphone features to those who do not have top of the range smartphone money.


However, there are some things that have had to go in order to keep the price tag at this level but you still get far more than you would expect from a budget handset.  The design of the phone has already attracted a great deal of attention thanks to its distinctive features and there is plenty within the phone to keep even an experienced smartphone user happy.

Interchangeable Covers

So what can you expect from this handset?  The panel at the back can be removed so the user is able to change the colour of the casing to suit their mood – great for those who want their phone to keep up with the latest fashions!  There is a whole rainbow of colours available for the handset from lime green, magenta, yellow and cyan as well as black and white.  Behind this cover you can find the microSD card slot, the microSIM slot and the NFC chip.

Operating System

It is Windows Phone 8 which is one of the main selling points of this particular handset.  There are several core features included with this and all Nokia Windows 8 handsets such as Nokia Music, Nokia Transport and Nokia Drive.

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The camera brings features such as SmartShoot and City Lens, so that the user is able to take a great quality image, helped along by the LED flash – perfect for less than perfect lighting conditions.

Another feature that you would not expect to find on a budget handset is both front and rear facing cameras.  The rear camera has 5 megapixels and the technology that goes along with these is impressive.

Power and Memory

Unlike other budget handsets the processor is good quality.  It is a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 so that operating speeds will definitely not disappoint.  Onboard storage is respectable at 8GB and with the help of the microSD card and cloud storage, the user is able to put a seriously large music collection together or a fine array of photos.


The screen size on the handset is just under 4 inches and it is a great size overall, fitting neatly into the hand.


The handset has only just launched and some providers are still to let us know their pricing on it but you can be sure that it is nowhere near what you might expect.  This handset is set to become one of the most popular in the Lumia range as it is ideal for users of all ages, particularly those who are new to the whole world of smartphones.

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