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The five-inch HTC Butterfly is a huge smart phone, cumbersome to handle and difficult to operate. To help make things better, the company decided to give you a mini phone – an HTC Mini (tall, slim, slender, and almost weightless) to keep with you and use instead of the Butterfly.

This HTC Mini when connected to the Butterfly can help you take calls, take messages, browse online, and handle other day to day functioning that you don’t need a smart phone for. On the other hand, for more complex functions, you would probably need to pull out the Butterfly and use its processing and multitasking services. This is an innovative way of helping you cope with larger than life smart phone models, however, there are tech experts with mixed feelings about the development.

Why Bother?

Some of them argue that there was no need for the Mini in the first place. Imagine, you pay loads of money for a high end smart phone only to have it tucked away in your pocket all day.

Moreover, what if you are an efficient multitasking champion? Suppose you needed to place a call and simultaneously check stock market trends online or use apps to browse through hotel listings in your area?

You have to juggle between the HTC Butterfly and the HTC Mini making life difficult all the more. And then there are those who say the Mini is the best accessory a smart phone should have.

The opinions are divided but there is a growing market for HTC Mini devices and everybody wants to know what the fuss is all about.

We provide you with a list of positives and negatives so you can make an upfront decision:

The positives of the HTC Mini:

  1. The HTC Mini can make and take calls and text messages; in some cases it can manage a few IMs too.
  2. The HTC Mini is slender, light, and easier to handle especially when you compare it with the HTC Butterfly smart phone.
  3. The HTC Mini can serve like a remote control add-on if you tend to sync your Butterfly smart phone with the television set.
  4. The HTC Mini has a 1080p resolution and a robust display almost matching that of the Butterfly model.
  5. There is an alarm alert that can be sounded to retrieve the Butterfly phone if you happen to misplace your HTC parent model.

The negatives of the HTC Mini:

  1. Unfortunately if you misplace the HTC Mini, there is no way you can find it automatically. You would have to place calls and hope you never put the mobile phone on silent mode.
  2. The HTC Mini can be difficult to use in tandem with the parent device. It does not support Wi-Fi, sharing, and is not as dynamic as its Butterfly model. But then if it were as good, we wouldn’t need the Butterfly at all.
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Try the HTC Mini and we’re sure you’d love the extra accessory. However, if you are an ardent smart phone admirer, an HTC Butterfly is more than enough for your needs.

Phil Turner is currently looking for a 3 mobile upgrade and a free dumb phone with a smartphone looks a great idea.

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