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Though it does sound something of a contradiction in terms, after all we are not supposed to even acknowledge that our mobile phones are even in the car these days, let alone look at them, there are some pretty handy smart phone apps available for people who are spending more and more time on the road, and considering the distance that people are having to drive on their commutes these days the danger of falling asleep at the wheel is very real, so anything that can add to driver safety should be welcomed. When it comes to driving apps there are thousands available for all of the different smart phones and operating platforms that are out there, so avoiding the ones that are just making up the numbers, we are looking at quality apps that actually serve a useful purpose.


This app mixes the overwhelming desire we all seem to have to be continually socially networking at every given opportunity, with a navigation app. The app brings together a community of drivers all looking to find the best way to reach their desired destinations. You download the app and set it off and running and it will work away quite happily as you drive.

Waze utilises the built in GPs on your smart phone and maps your speed and your current position, it then starts putting together a number of different road traffic reports in real time. For example if you are on your daily commute and find yourself struck in traffic it will alert everyone else approaching that route that there are delays, so hopefully they don’t get stuck in it. The interface is clean and easy to use and will alert you to all of the hazards you may encounter whilst out on the road such as speed cameras and accidents, not bad for a free download. This app is currently available across most operating platforms for use with the majority of smart phones currently on the market.

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Augmented Driving

The main aim of this app is to ensure that you stay safe and alert all of the time that you are behind the wheel of your car. It utilises the phone on your smart phone to scan the road ahead and should you start drifting across the lane or find yourself too close to the car in front for comfort the app will alert you, an alarm will be sounded which aims to bring you back to your senses and the screen with flash with a warning; you also have the option of having a pre recorded voice admonish you.

There are a number of variations that you can add to the app including having your speed monitored; this will sound the alarm when you start driving above the programmed speed. This is currently only available for use with the iPhone and is a fairly inexpensive app at around £1.99, but in order to get the most from this app you will need to invest in a suitable windscreen mount for your phone.

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