Apple is THE Future: iPhone 5 is Here

The iPhone5 announcement has not even been made yet, but we know so much about it thus far due to major flaws in Apples secrecy strategy. The iPhone5 announcement is supposed to take place on September 12, however there may be no real point if we’ve already seen the phone and what it can do. Many parts have been leaked and there are videos of the new iPhone being completely assembled. This information seems to be completely passable as well. Unless Apple is running a new secrecy division where they are trying to distract us by leaking out fake parts then the information we already have regarding the new improvements, at least to the physical model of the iPhone5, are valid.

New iPhone Parts

The new iPhone5 features a new unibody design; completely redesigned from the last iPhone4S. It will have a new 4 inch screen but still remain the same width as the old iPhone, meaning that the phone screen will increase slightly in width and much more drastically in height. Another very controversial change is the headphones jack moving to the bottom of the phone and a smaller dock connector in order to accommodate that change. This will mean that all of our docking accessories will now be obsolete with the release of the new iPhone. It is possible that Apple will release an adapter of sorts so as to not completely destroy our wallets with the release. However, a conspiracist might say that reducing the size of the dock connector is just a ploy by Apple to boost the sale of iPhone related accessories. Some might worry that the bottom of the phone will be too crowded with this change and the speakers at the bottom of the phone may be reduced in size, thus reducing the maximum volume possible. Thus far, only the actual iPhone screen remains unveiled, so whether or not they improve on the retina display is unknown as of yet. The iPhone5 will be slightly thinner than the previous incarnation and will feature a new Nano-SIM tray which is noticeable smaller than the previous SIM tray allowing the phone to be smaller as well.

New Features?

There are rumors out there that the new iPhone5 will be able to bend and perhaps give a cool new feature for rabid app gamers. This feature is the most skeptical of all due to the fact of how plausible it would be for the physical electronic components within the phone to bend in multiple directions. Whether or not Apple has hidden technology up their sleeves however is unknown, but for the time being rumors are what we have to go on.

There is a 99% chance that the information that has been leaked about the new iPhone5 design is true. Some of the features of the new phone are all rumors and we will most certainly find out all of the facts on September 12, the official announcement date of the new phone.

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