Guide to Selecting the Right Smart Phone

Smartphones are really common these days. There are various models and brands out there. You can have a long list of options if you are planning to buy one. Smartphones combine the power and portability of mobile phones and the capacity of personal computers in order to make business and pleasure available to you, especially if you’re on the go. Different models and brands offer different features at different prices. This is why when you plan to shop for a smartphone, you need to consider some important factors. Read this step-by-step guide on selecting the right smartphone for you.


Step 1: Consider the smartphone features that you need.

Smartphones do not come cheap. But if you know how to select the right one for you, the price would really be worth it. You have to take into account your own needs. Why do you want a smartphone? Is it because you can watch movies on it? Or, is it because you can play music through it? Are these really your reasons for buying a smartphone? Would you be happy watching a movie on its small screen? The movie and music players of a smartphone are excellent features, but you really have to consider the functionality of the phone. If you use the phone for various business tasks, for instance, you have to choose a smartphone with a calendar, organizer, and web browsing features.

Step 2: Take your budget into account.

Because of its various features, smartphones can be very costly. What you should do is to set a budget for this. You should then look for a smartphone model with the features that you want or need, but is still within your set budget. You should keep in mind that the high price and the brand are not the only determinants of a smartphone’s quality.

Step 3: Read product reviews and ask for advice.

Reading reviews on different models and brands is very helpful, especially if it is your first time to shop for a smartphone. When you read reviews, you have to take note of the phone’s features such as screen resolution, memory capacity, design, and performance. Aside from reading reviews, you can also ask your family members and peers who are using smartphones for advice regarding the best model to buy.

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  1. What are smartphones? Smartphones are mobiles that has very advanced functions like: it has music player, movie player, organizer, it has pc-like functionality which allows you to check email, read ebooks or browse the internet. We can say that a smartphone is a mobile that works as a mini computer.

    What are companies that offer smartphones? There are several kinds of smartphones to choose from. They are offered by different companies such as Nokia, Palm, Apple iPhone, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm , Blackberry, Samsung, Sony or Toshiba.

    Today, the demand for smartphones is growing, opening a way for making the best smartphones in the near future.

  2. smart phones has advance capabilities and features which is popular in the market today. in finding the smart phone which suites you is very easy. you will just put in mind that the smart phone you will choose really reflects who you are, also give space for the budget costing for this one. one smart phone is not cheap but to have one with advance technology and features, budget is no longer a problem.

    be sure that when you buy one, you should be happy with it and choose the one that is very convenient for you to use. don’t focus on the outer settings but also give priority to its user friendly features.

  3. Josephine says:

    In choosing a phone, one must consider your lifestyle; the gadget’s practicality, utility and functionality; and for others, it’s applications.
    What are the applications that smart phone has? Aside from the wireless functions, it operates on Windows, MSN messenger (good for connecting with family and friends), Media Player (for your audio and video needs), accessibility to a WAP site (supports protocols like XML, HTML 3.2, WAP1.2.1, SSL, PPTP), Internet Explorer (for your daily does of the world wide web), Pocket Outlook (same function as of an email), Smart phone home screen( which you can customize) and the Personalization (where user can download ring tones, images and themes to your smart phone).

  4. phraensys says:

    How do i choose a model for a smartphone?

    if i may compare a smartphone to a dog, there are various breeds with its peculiar characteristics and, not to mention, their temper. if you want a dog that you can use to detect bombs, do not get a French Poodle; get a Belgian Malinois. Catch my drift?

    The author has already given a brief yet practical guide in selecting the right smartphone for you. The bottom line is that we all have our own preferences. so do not think that since most people are using a particular model, you should also get that particular model just to be “in with the group.” underline what pretty has said, “the smart phone you will choose really reflects who you are.”

  5. In today’s world, where most countries are struck in the middle of a recession, it really is quite surprising that the mobile phone industry is still booming. A large part of this success could be attributed to people’s need to communicate and entertain themselves and Smart Phones do just that, plus more. But due to the wide market available to the consumers nowadays, it is quite hard to choose the “right” one. In choosing, one should consider his/her lifestyle, needs and most of all, budget, plus it wouldn’t hurt to search the internet for reviews about a particular Smart Phone.

  6. There are too many smartphones currently being sold in the market today.All of them practically emphasizes on their portability and reliability on certain applications suited to the tasks that the would-be buyer needs.Brand name and reliability of the unit certainly counts as a top feature that would-be buyers take into account.Some people choose the brand that is recognizable and a big name in the market because they simply think that the unit they will be getting from a known brand would certainly be a top quality one.I for one also think like this but also I take into consideration pricing,app support and phone reliability.

  7. How do I choose what smart phone is right for me? Choosing your smart phone is like choosing your life partner. You have to be certain on what you want and need. After you realize that, you have accomplished half of the task. Do not hesitate to ask your family and friends about any smart phones that fit your needs. Check out malls and online prices for the smart phone they recommend and once you are sure, it will be time to start saving money for it.

  8. Selecting the right smartphone is difficult because aside from the expensive price tag you would have to live with your smartphone whether you like it or not. Now here are some tips to help you find right smartphone.

    First thing is you would have to think of the brand of the smartphone that you want. Selecting the brand of a particular smartphone is important because this is where you put your trust on. The mobile industry is just like a war, you would have to pick which side your in because this is were you have to defend the brand of your phone against other smartphone owners.

    Second is you would have to know what OS/Operating System that runs the smartphone. This is critical because if you don’t know you won’t be able take advantage your phones capabilities by tweaking its OS. By knowing your OS would minimize the time looking for applications to install and how to customize it. It will also give you information if your OS is supported by third party application which will give you an edge against other Operating Systems.

    Third is battery life! It’s a sin if you don’t consider the battery life of your smartphone because if you don’t then you would have to buy a bag just only to carry your charger. Battery life determines how long you will be able to use phone. Imagine taking an important phone call and then in the middle of the conversation it shuts down or lets says your’re about to finish the final boss on your mobile game then its shuts down, now this is were you begin to hate your phone and we don’t want that to happen.

    Fourth is connectivity and camera! Sharing is important in our generation because this is we socialize with friends. Your phone should have features essential for sharing and socializing like the latest web browser, WIFI, 3G capable and the trusty bluetooth. Wait theres more! its also essential to have a decent camera to immortalize those unforgetable moments and for you enjoy it, pictures should be rendered at least 2048 x 1536 pixels or 30 fps for video recording.

    Fifth is optional capabilities like GPS and a having touch enabled screen. GPS is good but then again you would have to check if your country is supported by maps because if not then you’ll have no use for it. Touch screen vs non-touch screen it actually depends on you whether if your comfortable using your finger for navigation or using the trusty key pad and for me it doesn’t make any difference.

    And Sixth is you would have to a website or forum that talks about your smartphone. Like what I mentioned the mobile industry is a war. You got to have people around you that will help you on “HOW TO” or “WHAT TO DO” about your phone and in this way you’ll get to know more about your phone and doing so will make you unique against a fellow user or other brand of smartphones.

    Now for some reason I didn’t include about the budget you needed for your phone. Why? Its because whether your phone costs a lot like a laptop or if its a cheap as a 1st generation analog phones as long as it satifies your needs and delivers the same performance as other smartphones then what you have there is your most prized possesion.

  9. Tristan says:

    Here are my inputs about smartphones:

    -It doesn’t have to be costly. You can enjoy cheap yet durable one nowadays. (This post was way back 2009, a lot have changed in this so called “mobile wars”)

    -It should be ergonomic and the user interface is “user-friendly”.

    -Don’t rush to buy a new one, rather, get the best deal!

  10. DrixProject says:

    Smartphones have cooler specs and have more advance operating systems which allow the user to enjoy the comforts of not just a phone but an all-in-one media and internet system. The most popular features most commonly demanded by smartphone users now a days is the #g capability which allows video calling and the wireless LAN capability which allows the phone to connect to the internet using WIFI.
    We can buy a smartphone for as low as 3,000 php here in the Philippines. In choosing the right smartphone for you, consider the style, the availability of the spare parts so that when the time comes when you need to replace some spare parts you can find it easily. And lastly, consider the brand. Branded smartphones is more durable and performs well compared to those with unknown brand names.

  11. yvonne t. says:

    The best feature of smartphones is that they give you accessibility to the web. Operation system for these kind of phones are much more faster than the usual. It can connect you to your emails, YM messenger and even Facebook faster than the usual phones. It also has the ability to multi task, you can use your Mp3 Player while looking through your emails. Smartphones offer a wide range of features and offers you convenience at your finger tips. But, remember, technology doesn’t come it cheap. I own a Blackberry bold and yes it isn’t cheap at all. Always consider your budget, the more features you wanted your phone to have the more pricey it would be. Just like the previous comments on this blog, just pick the best phone that fits your lifestyle. You don’t need to buy the popular brands if it would cost you big time!

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