Everybody is Steven Spielberg

The guest blog post looks at how modern technology has allowed anyone to perform tasks such as video production.

Technology is amazing. Not only is it amazing what you can do with it, it’s amazing what you couldn’t do with it a few years ago and can do today.


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Technology evolves at such a fast rate that companies trying to be at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in their given business field or market face closure if they adopt a breakthrough too late after it is released. The reality is that as soon as a breakthrough is made, someone somewhere is already planning the next one.

Video production is a fantastic example of this. Rewind around 10 or 15 years and creating a video had to be done a camera that could be either handheld or the size of another person.

Fast forward time a few years and anyone can create a video using a gadget that is so small it very often falls down the back of the sofa; a mobile phone. Alright, the quality wasn’t brilliant at first, certainly not up to the standard of the handheld and human sized cameras, but it did work and naturally people took to the breakthrough like a duck to water and loved it like a child.

Fast forward a few more years and mobile phones got smaller but the definition on the videos got much higher; technology eh… amazing. All the mini Steven Spielbergs with their camera phones in hand were even beginning to be able to edit the videos through the phone itself. Again, they were relatively basic effects, but once again it did work and once again people took to the breakthrough.

Fast forward a few more years and the internet started having a say in what people were able to do with their videos. Websites such as YouTube and social networking sites made it possible to take your created and edited video and put it in a place where millions of people could see it. YouTube in particular realised the power video held, particularly when anyone could create and edit them and they have basically made millions from the realisation of another breakthrough.

Bring time to present day. There are even more mini Steven Spielbergs running around with what is essentially a mini camera crew and editing studio in their pocket and they are broadcasting their mini movies to the world. Clever clog companies around the world are creating software which allows users to master the art of video production with little or no tutelage and at this rate Spielberg himself will be out of business. OK, that last bit might be a bit extreme (or not, depending on if you’re a fan), but technology is still amazing.

This guest blog post was written by James Loach, a special effects artist for a leading video production company.

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