Why is Business Education Important?

As modern society makes rapid social and technological progress, becoming an expert in one’s field has become essential for success. The business field is becoming increasingly more competitive, with dozens of new small businesses started up by ambitious people with a dream of prosperity. These newborn businesses, residing in either brick-and-mortar locations or, more commonly, the Internet, offer every service and product under the sun to consumers, hoping to someday turn a profit. However, becoming knowledgeable about how to prevent a business from sinking into the depths of bankruptcy does not happen overnight. The evolution of a hopeful amateur into an able businessperson takes fierce ambition, a huge chunk of time, and, most importantly, a thorough education.

Obtaining a quality business education is the most fundamental part of the career growth of a businessperson or even just a potential company employee. According to the National Center on Education Statistics, approximately 22 percent of college students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business. Educational courses geared towards teaching the basics of how to keep a business afloat can have a significant impact on the way a future business is run, and luckily, more aspiring business owners and job seekers have begun to realize this. Rather than simply “diving into” the business world with high hopes of an everlasting client pool, business amateurs should realize that a degree in the field can make all the difference in the world. The business realm is full of people who will ignore ethics to get ahead and seem to produce money from thin air- however, it is also full of legitimately empathetic people can who turn a couple profits from the sweat of their brow. Whichever “type” is an individual’s aspiration, a business education can further this goal.


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Those who are looking to simply become a company employee rather than a business leader should still realize that schooling in the business field will raise their interpersonal skills and chances of employment success considerably. A business-centered education teaches essential tools for success with various courses such as Logistics and Business Management, fostering the skills required to be a valuable employee, as well as a respect for the cutthroat business world. A business degree can aid in employment with a wide array of more specific fields, including banking, credit management, and sales. Whether an individual is an aspiring businessperson or a future company employee searching for an eye-opening experience, business school can assist greatly in the long process of success.

With so many Americans negatively impacted by today’s economy, business education can, with the right amount of motivation and study, make any individual’s longstanding desire for prosperity a dream come true. Nearly every community college or university in the United States has a business school. While taking classes towards their degree, the students are taught various business methods, including specific strategies and essential tools for success. As one of the most renowned business schools in the nation, Northern Arizona University’s highly esteemed WA Franke College of Business teaches the students, or “future leaders”, how to compete on a global level in both private and public sectors by experienced faculty. The graduates of the WA Franke College of Business go on to pursue their interests in a wide variety of unique fields, such as environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship, to name a few. This school is just one of many in the nation that has had thousands of grateful graduates who have been more adequately prepared for the world of business compared to their uneducated counterparts.

Although there have been a few exceptions to this rule, business education can help an aspiring businessperson, or any ambitious individual, get on the path of career success. Without a degree in the field, those who pursue business on their own often become lost in the long process of starting up on their own with minimal funds, researching advertising strategies, and even learning how to deal with unreasonable customer requests. Business does have the potential to be pursued successfully by any person from any background, but a thorough business education is important in that it can give the graduate a portion of the knowledge that he or she needs to survive in modern society’s tough realm of business. There are no true quick fixes to “becoming the best” in business, or any field, but there are ways for people to better themselves and to feed their rightful ambitions. Business education is one of the proven gems along the pathway to success- and an education in general will always be a positive contribution to a person’s skill set.

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