Understanding Study Options: Online vs. On Campus

Whether you’re deciding to return to study after a stint in the workforce or are entering tertiary education following secondary, it is always important to fully understand your options. In today’s modern world, students have the luxury of choosing between on campus and online study modes, as well as part time or full time education. Both online and on campus options provide various benefits and disadvantages for students, so it’s always a good idea to do your research before committing to a course. For more information about your study options, read on to discover the major differences between on campus and online delivery modes.

The Benefits of on Campus Study

On campus study proposes a more traditional learning environment. For many people, the transition from secondary education through to tertiary education is made more easily through this familiarity. On campus study is a great choice for people who need a little motivation to complete assignments or set tasks. Weekly meetings with your lecturers and other teaching staff enable you to stay on track with your studies. For social learners, on campus education is also a good choice, as it provides a face to face learning environment with fellow students.

Disadvantages of Studying on Campus

While there are some great benefits to studying on campus, there are also some notable drawbacks. Many students cannot physically study on campus, as they live great distances from campus locations and are unable to make the commute. On campus studies not only limits people to where they can study, but also when. For many students, choosing to study on campus is making the choice of study over full time work. Campus lectures and tutorials are commonly within regular working hours, making it difficult for students to maintain full time employment.


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The Good Things about Online Education

More and more students are choosing online education, and for very valid reasons. Online education provides an incredibly flexible study environment, allowing students to study when and where it best suits their personal situation. Many online courses also offer numerous intakes throughout the year, lifting the restrictions of enrolment at the beginning of each calendar year. If you choose to study online you will also have access to the same facilities and resources as on campus students, while still maintaining a more flexible lifestyle.

Things you should know when Studying Online

When committing to online study, you should be aware that you will need to display self-control and self-motivation. Unlike on campus studies, you are able to study whenever it best suits you and, for some students, this means that study is made a lesser priority. While there are benefits and disadvantages to both on campus and online study, it really comes down to a personal preference for each student. Online study provides a flexible environment, great for students who want to maintain a career whilst gaining their qualification.

Collin is a professional trainer in financial and business sectors in Australia.  Collin embraces the idea of lifelong learning and likes to share tips on study online options with his readers.

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