The Top Three Reasons Mom Should Consider Online Colleges

Being a mom presents many challenges. However, when you’re thinking about pursuing a higher education, it can be even more difficult. Luckily, there is a convenient option: Internet-based learning.

Are you unfamiliar with this concept? Here are three ways that online learning can make it easier to get your degree and still tackle your parental duties at the same time.

1. You can upgrade your degree if you already have one.

Sometimes it happens that we start our education with the best of intentions, but then life gets in the way. If you already have one degree and want to expand upon it, many web-based colleges make this easy for you.

For instance, you can go from an RN to MSN with many of the programs offered. Higher degrees can often lead to expanded job opportunities and the potential to make a higher salary.


2. Expanding credentials academically could keep your resume fresh even when you’re unemployed.

Even if you are a stay at home mom, it’s wise to plan ahead for the future. Although it may be hard to pick up a full-time job right now, employers sometimes consider a gap in one’s resume as a pitfall. Nevertheless, if you are going to college while raising your kids, it can make up for any time you have spent out of the workforce in the eyes of hiring personnel.

For instance, obtaining your online Master’s in Nursing during the time taken off from work to care for children shows that you still had an eye on your career and were able to take steps to increase your marketability during this time. This can make you look motivated (because you took initiative) and balanced (because you were still able to tend to caretaking duties).

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3. It’s a lot easier to plan your life around online courses than in-person education.


One of the hardest things for mothers to deal with when it comes to getting a degree is the fact that many classes must be taken on a campus, in person. This can be really hard if you have small kids that need frequent feedings, naps, changings and play time. For some, it may not be economical to hire a babysitter for every single weekday or to put infants and toddlers in full-time daycare.

With web-based learning, you can study, complete homework and participate in discussions when it’s most convenient. Provided you get your work done by the due date, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of what times of day/days of the week you can complete academic tasks.

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