The Importance of an Adult Education

So many of us either left school early to find work, or immediately went into the job field straight out of school and were never really given the opportunities to find our career passion and niche. It’s never too late to consider adult education at any one of the many universities, colleges or centres in the world. So many adults owe it to themselves to go back to school and study something they love, and there are various reasons why.

Following Dreams

It may be too late to become an astronaut or invent the iPhone, but there certainly is time in your adult life to get an education and degree in psychology, marketing, copywriting, engineering which are amongst millions of other options that form part of your original dream career.

Investing in Yourself

You’ve spent so much time investing in your family and giving of yourself to your current career that it’s time to invest more in yourself. Adult education has become much more common nowadays as many adults are finally going back to school to pursue their dreams that make them happy. The student community does not only comprise of school leavers anymore, there are many older students getting and education again. You’re also investing in your future employment.


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New Horizons

Perhaps you’ve been toiling in the same line of work for many years and it’s drained you all your energy and happiness. There is nothing worse than feeling like that black tunnel you drag yourself through everyday has no light at the end of it, but it does. With the multiple adult education options out there, the world is as big as you want it to be. Study something new, join an adult education community and become part of the older student crowd. You’re certainly not alone in this venture. Learn something new and invest in the rest of your future; doing something you love.

The Learning Curve is a Circle

You would be quick to tell your kids that education is constant, but yet you may feel that you’re too old to sit in a class of younger students. This is surprising because you’re supposed to be the older, wiser and more content one, so don’t feel intimidated by the school leavers. Society allegedly dictates that you need to be a young adult to get an education because that is “normal.” Adult education starts at any age and is only finished when you’ve found what you love doing. All the rest is peripheral.

A Great Example

Your adult education is a great example for your children. It shows them that they don’t need to stay in a job that makes them unhappy. Their futures are in their hands and they can change it if they want to. If you want to continue your adult education but feel intimidated, this “example” reason alone should be enough for you to realise how important it is above feeling like the odd one out.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who had gone through her fair share of secretarial jobs in office space in San Francisco and London, until she decided to go back to school in her thirties and study again. Best decision she ever made.

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