Study Skills – Better Marks Means Better Jobs

Developing a good study habits is very essential for it ensures one’s success not just in school but in life in general. As learners we need to maximize our ability to take hold of all the important lessons presented to us. Here are some tips that we can take in order to guarantee academic success.

Enthusiasm and determining targets
The success in the learning process starts with a good enthusiasm. It is important for you to realize that studying well or doing well in every test or any activity related to school equals good grades and good impression that will make your parents and other people happy aside from it also helps boost yourself. You should have a positive attitude towards learning for if not, any study sessions will not be productive. It is therefore needed that you identify the things that you want to achieve. Write down all your goals and doing such clarifies the path you have to take in order to reach that end. Make these goals known to important people who can remind you of all these goals and to keep you in pace towards their realization.

Efficient Use of Time
Prepare a time table or schedule for accomplishing something. This is an effective way to organize things, a means to use time efficiently. Arrange all the things that should be done in order of the urgency of the job be it a project or a report. Doing things one at a time and in order creates harmony in effectively completing several tasks. After successfully finishing the entire thing that you have written in your “to do” list, don’t forget to reward yourself for it helps you feel good and it will motivate you further.

Study Routines
Never study if you don’t have the energy for it. Make sure you are rested, alert, and motivated. Study as planned because mind setting is essential in doing so. After a period of 30-60 minutes study, take a break.  Retention is greater if studying is done in short periods of time with breaks in between. Study breaks should not be at the same place where you are studying and while doing so, take this time to think of other things not the things that you have just reviewed or studied.

Place for Studying

Your study space should be free from distractions and should be well ventilated with good lighting. It should be as quiet and comfortable as possible. Noisy places are not conducive for learning. Read and read anytime you have the chance to. Make sure everything that you will need is handy before you study. Recognize that looking for books, notes, pens, and highlighters while studying is a waste of time. You have to ensure that you have an easy access to all the materials that will be needed. If you will need the computer, see to it that the battery is charged and it is in the good working condition.

Strategies for Studying
Another important skill that you should develop is taking down notes in the class. This will help you keep pace on the things being discussed.  Writing notes should be done in a concise, organized manner taking only the most important points. In reading books and passages, the use of highlighter is strongly recommended. Highlight the most important contents so you can easily go back to them and it is said that highlighted portions are easily remembered

Shaun Stevens has been an employment counsellor and career advancement training technician helping people to find employment and better jobs in Winnipeg & the Manitoba Canada areas for a good number of years. His advice is work hard, be honest & prepare yourself well for Job Offers in Winnipeg & Manitoba Canada & Job interviews.  Additionally it pays to do your homework well and shop around for jobs and employment in a good and thorough fashion and manner

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