Student Housing – Beware!

Student Accommodation – Some useful Tips!

When you are a student looking for accommodation there are a number of things you should take into consideration before making a decision.

Who to live with !

This may not sound like a very important thing to consider but going on personal experience, this is not something to take too lightly. Choosing the wrong people to live with can cause serious arguments and make your life at University even more stressful than it already is! Often you have no choice who you live with, especially in student Halls, however if you are moving into a student house make sure you choose your housemates wisely!

How much to pay

The amount of rent you pay will have a serious effect on the amount of spare income you have at University. Whilst it is nice to live in an expensive house, constantly being poor is not and it will soon get on your nerves when you can’t afford to feed yourself. My advice would be to live in an area that is safe and not too expensive, you should also consider how close it is to the University Campus and things such as supermarkets and the town centre.

Get the right paperwork!

Many students will rent properties without even having a contract in place between them and their landlord. This is something you should never do, always make sure that you have a proper contract and tenancy agreement that is signed by the landlord and yourself. One of the most important things to remember is never to hand over any money without these documents in place otherwise you could find yourself being ripped off!

Find a reputable landlord!

Often students will find themselves renting properties that are, lets just say less than desirable!  This is often the case because landlords feel that they can get away with renting properties that are below standard to students as they will not complain and very few of them actually know their rights. For this reason, I would recommend speaking to fellow students who are in the year above you and finding out if they know of any good landlords who have properties to rent.

Most first time students will move away from their family home straight into a rented properly. Some students are lucky and will spend their first years in Halls of residence. If you get the opportunity, this is a great thing to do as it give you a taste for the years ahead.

Unfortunately, most students will stumble through the experience of renting a property and usually finding out the hard way! If you are a student and looking to rent your first property consider the advice above as it could help you save some money and defiantly reduce your stress levels!

Renting a student house with your University pals can be some of the best days of your life, make sure you do your homework and get it right first time.

One important thing that students forget to ask their landlords is if they have the relevant insurance polices to cover the properties they rent. Landlords insurance is an important and you should make sure that your landlord has a policy.

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