Kumon or Private Tutor?-How to Decide

this post answers the following questions
1. What is the difference in cost of hiring a private tutor and enrolling your child in Kumon?
2. What is the difference in teaching styles of a private tutor and in Kumon?
3. Does Kumon have the best learning methods in teaching rather than a private tutor?
4. What is the difference in needs and skills of a private tutor and in Kumon?
5. Is it important to get a referral before getting your child a tutor?

Every parent wants their child to succeed. They want their children to work hard in school, apply themselves, and absorb as much knowledge as possible. There are children who seem to naturally excel in school and children who seem to struggle a bit more. If your child is having a difficult time grasping concepts or simply needs extra practice and clarification, tutoring is a great way to supplement their education and help them do better in their studies.

When it comes to tutoring, your two main choices are to hire a private tutor or to enroll your child in a tutoring center like Kumon. What’s the better choice for your child? Here are some things to consider to help you decide.


If cost is a deciding factor for you, private tutoring is almost always less expensive than Kumon, and often by a lot. Kumon charges registration fees and monthly fees by subject, while a private tutor just charges by the hour. A private tutor’s hourly rate is going to be less expensive than Kumon because they’re being paid directly by you rather than as an employee of Kumon.

Teaching Styles

Private tutors and Kumon also differ greatly in the way your child will be instructed. Private tutors all have their own methods of helping your child, and the activities they do with your child will vary according to their preferences. At a Kumon center, all children will be taught in the same style. Kumon encourages independent learning, and your child will not receive one-on-one attention for the duration of a tutoring session, which is a group. Instructors will check in and help your child as needed, but in general children learn through practice and problem-solving on worksheets. If constant, individual attention is what you want for your child, a private tutor is usually better.


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Learning Methods

The Kumon method of learning involves completion of assignments and tests. Worksheets help a child learn and practice their skills, and they often repeat the worksheets multiple times to help the lessons stick. Kumon evaluates a child when they register to find out what their skills are, and they create an individualized learning plan. Children work at their own pace. Different private tutors will use different methods, so it’s important to discuss their approach before hiring a private tutor.

Needs and Skills

Kumon is meant to help children of all different skill levels with all different types of needs, but it is also used as a way to simply enrich the knowledge of children who are already doing well. In general, if your child is really struggling with a particular issue, hiring a private tutor who can focus extensively on that issue in hourly one-on-one sessions might be preferable. If you simply want supplemental education for your child, Kumon might be the better choice.


A great way to decide between a private tutor and Kumon is to speak with your child’s teachers and other parents. Their teachers will be able to provide professional insight into what could be most beneficial to your child, and other parents can talk to you about their experiences. Try to get referrals from sources you trust.

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