Interview with Leo King of Leo King Publishing

It is an honor to feature personal success and productivity expert, Leo King, the acclaimed author of
Total Dominator: Unlock Your Inner Champion – Become Unstoppable in Six Steps. Total Dominator is a very powerful book that helps people looking to step up their personal effectiveness with projects and deadlines to the next level. Since this blog also helps entrepreneurs get the proper mindset for greater business success, Leo’s book and his expertise drew our attention. We are pleased to interview Mr. King so he can share with us some of his personal success tips. His book’s free worksheet is located at Leo King Publishing website.

SBSD: What is the essence of success?

LK: Honestly, it’s all about overcoming inertia and scaling up your results. Most people who feel frustrated about their lives are often trapped in a certain pattern. They think they could be pursuing their purpose. They are frustrated that they are not living out their destiny by doing the things they should be doing. They focus on what they could be doing or would have done. In reality, they spend a tremendous amount of time beating themselves up emotionally. A sort of ‘slow burn’ sets in and they end up numbing themselves with ‘comforting thoughts.’

SBSD: What kind of ‘comforting thoughts’ are these?

LK: Unsuccessful or frustrated people keep telling themselves reassuring things like “Once I find some time, I’ll work on my dream project” or “Once I get the right promotions, I’ll finally quit and start my own business.” There’s actually a huge variation of this same thinking pattern. What they all have in common is that they give people a sense of hope. They pin all their hope on a future condition. Sadly, that event never comes. It simply gets replaced by another condition. For example, if you think you’ll finally get to building your own business once you make a certain amount of money at your job, other considerations kick in. Maybe you have a kid to send through college. Maybe you have increased expenses to worry about. Whatever the case may be, you defer the point where you actually take action on your dream.

SBSD: So success can be summed up to “Just do it” or “Take BOLD ACTION now”?

LK: Not quite. You see, a lot of people think that they are taking action when they collect information and plan their project out. Most people still end up failing to take action because they simply confused planning and collecting data with actual action. They collect and analyze then collect and analyze some more.

Unfortunately, ‘analysis paralysis’ is very subtle and can quickly set in. You might not be aware of it but when you succumb to this form of ‘taking action,’ what you’re actually doing is just giving yourself excuses for NOT taking action.

Taking action means actual IMPLEMENTATION instead of just an endless cycle of planning. Implementation has many different parts. You can’t just jump into your project with both feet and expect things to pan out. Things aren’t that simple.

SBSD: What parts should implementation or taking action have in order to increase the chance of success?

LK: I’ve laid these all out in Total Dominator: Unlock Your Inner Champion – Become Unstoppable in Six Steps but to sum up, you need to have a REAL plan. Real plans are not hopes and wishes. They have to be tightly defined. You have to be able to derive actionable goals from them. Next, you need to have the right mindset when implementing your plan. Finally, your plan has to have internal self-correcting or self-enhancing elements that ensure you’ll achieve your goals and scale up your results.

SBSD: Is everyone capable of success as long as they have the right process?

LK: Absolutely. We’re all masters of our fate. There’s no one else to steer the ship of our destiny except ourselves. Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking otherwise. The answers remains firmly in your hands. In fact, success must first be INTERNALIZED before it manifests itself into physical reality.

SBSD: How does that internal-external process work?

LK: Well, what you choose to believe about yourself and your capabilities are conscious decisions. They didn’t just happen randomly. They weren’t given to you. You had to, somewhere along the way, pick them up. You have to consciously pick and choose assumptions and expectations that lead to the outcomes you desire. By being more conscious of what you choose to believe, you change how you emotionally react to certain triggers or circumstances and conditions. This in turn triggers physical action. The world only cares about your actions.

SBSD: The world only rewards results based on our actions. That’s true. But how do we ensure that we are conscious of the actions we take so we can maximize our chances of success.

LK: That’s exactly the process I outline in my book. It starts with internal mechanisms. By adopting simple ‘tweaks’ you can scale up your ability to achieve success. This framework works from the bedrock principle of internal cause-external effect. Your thoughts are the cause and the results you get form the effect. By mastering this process, you make it work for you instead of against you. Victory can be a foregone conclusion if you simply choose to conscious of certain key internal processes.

SBSD: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Leo.

LK: The pleasure’s all mine!

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