How to Study Less and Still Get Better Grades

You can actually get better grades by studying less. Don’t believe the idea that you need to slave long and hard each day, spending hours on end studying. This is not true.

Yes, you definitely need to work at it. You can only accumulate and retain knowledge by putting forth effort. But working harder and more intensely at your studies rarely translates in long term success.


Why? Force negates. After a set period of time you will begin to see diminishing returns, meaning that as you force out hour after hour hitting the books, you remember and retain less, effectively wasting your time.

Working intelligently counts most. Reducing distractions and timing your tasks goes a long way in studying less yet getting better grades.

Reduce All Distractions

Some students spend hours on end studying fervently, diving into their course load with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this crowd has a tough time retaining information, and recalling it when exam time pops up. Why?

They study with the TV turned on, trumpeting their favorite TV show or a series of commercials in the background. Or they listen to their favorite CD, or tune into the radio. All the distractions simply serve to divide your attention, taking away from your study power.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. By focusing exclusively on your studies you retain more in less time, since you lend your full power to your work. By focusing on multiple tasks at once you only retain a portion of your study materials, needing to spend more and more time studying to remember your lessons.

Cut distractions out. Study in silence. Achieve more in less time.

Time Your Tasks

Working on a clock gets you on purpose fast. With a deadline in mind you get right to work, moving forward with your goals front and center.

Think of working on a deadline versus working with no set time frame for your task in mind. You tend to drift, daydream, wander, and do everything but get down to study business.

Decide how much time you will devote to your studies daily. Time the task, then set an alarm as a reminder when to get to work, and then, when to finish your studies. Stick to this approach and watch how much more quickly you retain information.

By setting deadlines you are up against the clock. You cut out distractions and get right to business immediately.

Pay Attention in Class

This one step would drastically reduce study time. Some individuals need repetition to grasp a concept but if you pay strict attention to your studies in class, when a lesson is first presented, you will need to spend less time studying at home.

The lesson is fresh in your head and seeps gradually into your mind as you grasp the material in class. Yes, you still need to study, but by paying attention initially you can seize and retain concepts with greater ease.

Follow these tips to study less and get better grades today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who writes extensively about all aspects of education. If you are currently looking to go to college, check out GetARealDegree for comprehensive information on a range of academic disciplines, such as nurse practitioner programs.

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