How To Make Life Easier As A New Student

There are certainly a lot of people who look back on their days at school as a largely fun and simple time in their life. Once you enter the latter part of your secondary school education however attention inevitably begins to turn to what you will do next. Some decide to jump straight into employment on a full-time basis or to start an apprenticeship for example. Staying in education by way of going to university is also a popular choice for young people to make and although it is an intriguing prospect it can be hard to move away from home for the first time. Thankfully, it is possible to help make this transition a little less troubling and here are some of the measures that can enable you to achieve this.
Familiarise yourself with the surroundings
In some cases it is possible to successfully get into a university of your choice without having ever visited the place. However, this is not advisable because it can feel like you are going into the unknown when the time comes to make the move. It helps incredibly if you have been around the university buildings on an open day and if you have taken the opportunity to look around where you will be living. You can find that the student accommodation you have been allocated does not meet your requirements, perhaps with regard to location or other living arrangements, so this gives you the chance to deal with any problems in good time.
Make new friends before you get there
A couple of decades ago, it was nowhere near as easy to find the information you need on your university and its various elements as it is now. With the endless possibilities that now exist on various social media channels it makes perfect sense to take advantage of them before you begin life as a student. The academic side of university is the essential part but the social factors are also undeniable. You will find that there will be pages and groups set up for your university, the student union, your specific course and even your place of accommodation.


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Go along for freshers’ week
Acclimatising to your new surroundings is the challenge as a new student and it helps to be able to do this without the pressures of your course getting in the way right at the start. This is why freshers’ week is as useful as it is enjoyable. You can move into your accommodation and spend a week going out and getting to know people and the area before your work begins.

Joanna Mathieson went to university at 18 before going on to do a Master’s degree. She found Adams Self Store to be a huge help for storing her furniture during the holidays.

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